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Importance of lighting for an erotic massage

In previous articles we reviewed the importance of smell, what relationship it has with different moods and how certain aromas can help us achieve a state of relaxation that makes us enjoy even more of a good erotic massage. In this article we will review the sense of sight and what role lighting plays in your mood. The temperature of light Perhaps you have never heard this expression, but the color or temperature of the light is very important for the relaxation or activation of [...]

Importance of smell in relaxation

The olfactory sensations refer to all those sensations captured directly through the nose, which is also directly connected with our sense of taste. The importance of smell is such that we even use expressions and phrases that show metaphorically the transcendence of smells to transmit sensations: In this whole thing there is something that smells bad I can smell your fear of this situation You can smell the problems miles away This is as nice as the smell of coffee in the morning Smells have [...]

Importance of music and atmosphere in massages

Choosing massage music It has always been said since time immemorial that "music tames wild beasts", and it’s true; since man is man through it, this effect has been achieved in all ages; from the most remote Egyptian dynasty to the crazy 20s going through the "dark" middle ages and ending this journey in the current century. The individual as such has been able to express his moods through his intervention. In the same way, this happens in the topic that concerns us today; for [...]

Santai Massage on the radio

Here we show the radio program of 'Catalunya Radio' Les mil i una nits in which they review the world of tantra massages and in which Santai Masajes has a leading role with Anna Robles, our director, who reveals some of the secrets that move this fabulous spiritual world with Venus O’Hara that tells us about her experience in our centre. Listen to this podcast about the wonders of tantra in Barcelona.

Male full hair removal

If you wish, you can come to Santai Masajes to shave and then enjoy the erotic massage that you prefer. All our hair removal can be done with erotic clothing: lingerie and heels (please let us know when booking) to enjoy the view with our masseuses who are also qualified beauticians. Please note that all massages last 45 minutes and are interactive. Masseuses who can wax you and ask them for a massage Naomi Juliette María [...]

Benefits of a deep tissue massage

The deep tissue erotic massage is a series of manipulations that are performed on the muscle groups that are in a sustained contraction, and is caused involuntarily by fibres or muscle fascicles where anatomical lesions don’t exist. […]

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