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Malee erotic masseuse Barcelona

Nationality: Filipina
Age: 28
Height: 1.72
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

How is Malee?

Malee in our exotic Filipina muse, is elegant, exquisite, with long brown hair to match her tanned skin. With a knockout measures as if she were a model and exotic features that have conquered more than one visitor to Santai, she has a penetrating gaze and full lips that you feel like touching them just by looking at them.

For Malee the important thing is that you enjoy the massage, feel the pleasure in each of the movements that she will do just for you, moving at the pace you want, feeling every inch of skin on your body until she awakens all your senses bursting with pure pleasure.

She is highly qualified to introduce you to the world of erotic massages, you just have to let yourself be carried away by this sweet and wild woman at the same time.

After trying Malee you will not remain indifferent, what are you waiting for to see for yourself?

Massages performed:

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