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Liz erotic masseuse Barcelona

Nationality: Argentina
Age: 29
Height: 1.64
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

How is Liz?

Liz is an Argentinean masseuse dedicated and devoted to give you all the pleasure you need in every moment of your erotic session with her, as she is specialized in different tantric techniques capable of combining the total relaxation of the massage with the sensuality of her lush curves. Her majestic natural breasts will delight you until you realize your most desired fantasies with a body to body infinite and pleasurable reaching the most unbridled ecstasy.

We emphasize Liz’s worked figure, as she combines her hobby of going to the gym with massages and dominates the movements of her body slow, soft and gradually increasing so that you notice the wild pleasure and erotic charge of an exquisite erotic massage.

Massages performed:

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