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Do you know what a lingam massage is, have you ever heard of it? It consists of a class of manual technique or massage, which offers men the opportunity to totally relax their body, allowing them to properly channel their sexual energy. The purpose of this technique, although it is an erotic massage, is not to achieve orgasm, but, like any other kind of massage, it seeks to achieve that whoever receives it gets to relax completely.

What is Lingam Massage?

The word “liṅgaṃ” belongs to the Sanskrit and its literal translation would be “phallus”, although it has a description, quite respectful, which consists in: “Light staff that channels energy and pleasure.”

We can say that the Lingam is a symbolic representation of Shiva, one of his gods of Hinduism, which at the same time is part of the Trimurti (“three forms”).

It is worth mentioning that this Hindu trinity is composed of Shiva (god destroyer of the universe), Brahman (god creator of the universe) and Vishnu (supreme god).

There are people who consider that the Lingam ritual originated within the indigenous beliefs of India; likewise, it must be said that the Lingam also symbolizes the Stambha pillar, which has no beginning or end and which, in turn, refers to the infinite nature of Shiva.

How to perform a lingam massage?

This kind of massage should be carried out within an intimate and relaxed space. It is essential that at the time of performing it, there is no rush, because as we have mentioned, its aim is to activate in men that more emotional side so that they are able to control their sexual impulses, and do not let themselves be dragged by them.

In order to enjoy this massage, it is advisable to combine it with deep breathing, which helps to empty the air from the stomach.

Within the intimate and couple plane, the lingam massage should be done including a previous session full of looks, caresses, kisses and sweet words, etc.; this way, it will be possible to create a perfect environment to enjoy to the maximum a very exciting experience, as this type of massage can be.

When the atmosphere is ready, the man will have to stand on his back on the bed (or massage table), bending his knees and separating his legs a little.

If desired, it is possible to use lubricant to massage both the penis and testicles in a more delicate and careful way.

This massage is also usually performed around the pubic bone, even around the perineum. In both cases, extremely careful movements must be used to avoid discomfort for the recipient, and instead, to ensure that he or she remains completely relaxed while enjoying the massage.

The ultimate purpose of lingam massage is to allow men to discover and enjoy their sexual pleasure in a considerably more leisurely, sensitive and relaxing way, thus achieving a connection with the female sexual universe, which will help them to create a better connection in bed with their partners.

Most common techniques for a lingam massage

A lingam massage is not about bringing the recipient to an orgasm and nothing else. Lingam massage is a practice that honors the penis and those who have it; a Lingam massage is done to give pleasure and to learn how to circulate energy between the different chakras of the body. And yes, you can experience an orgasm during a lingam massage, and even several at once. Here are some of the most common techniques used during a lingam massage.

It doesn’t matter if the massage recipient is going to be placed face up or face down, the important thing is that the massage recipient feels comfortable and that the legs are separated to have access to the genitals. A very important part of a lingam massage (and any tantric massage) is breathing: controlling the breathing will help the massage recipient to relax.

Benefits of a Lingam massage in Barcelona

When properly performed, lingam massage can offer several benefits for the men who receive it, such as those listed below:

  • Achieving a much greater openness of mind.
  • They help in the knowledge about oneself.
  • Achieve to create a very close bond with the person who performs it.
  • They heal any possible sexual trauma.
  • They help to get rid of any kind of sexual conditioning that may be negative.
  • They release completely the bad energies.
  • They totally eliminate the stress generated by the daily routine.
  • They release the problems and anguish of the daily routine.
  • They unite and achieve a greater connection with their Divine part.

If you are willing to give yourself completely, both in body and soul to live a wonderful experience, full of spirituality and sensuality, which allows you to connect with yourself and your partner, then do not hesitate to contact us and request a lingam massage.

Our erotic masseuses are specialized in this type of massage, so you will be able to enjoy to the maximum all the magic and energy of the tantra.

Origin of Lingam

Lingam massage and its secrets

  • Now that you know the origin of lingam, it is necessary that you really understand what is the meaning behind this Sanskrit term.
  • Thus, it can be said that within Sanskrit, “Lingam” consists of a word that is often used for the purpose of referring to the male sexual organ or penis.
  • However, this term is characterized by its assumption of a highly respectful, yet energetic, way in which men’s sexuality can be considered, because it presents the penis as a channel not only for energy, but also for pleasure.

Purpose of this type of massage

The purpose behind this kind of massage is, as we have already pointed out, to give men the possibility to relax to the maximum and at the moment of their excitement, which is usually not very easy to achieve.

Through this manual technique we seek to bring men to their calmest and most sensitive part, which will give them the opportunity to achieve a considerably calmer and more pleasant connection with their partners.

The lingam offers the possibility of strengthening the relationship between the couple, which is why its main purpose is not for men to reach orgasm, but rather to help them learn to connect more and more calmly with their excitement.

Do you want to enjoy a Lingam Massage? Discover our sensual masseuses who perform this type of massage.


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