The special Santai Integral massage includes all the techniques in a single massage. One hour in which you will enjoy all the sensuality and eroticism of the Body Body, Tantra, Thai, Nuad and Special Tantric massages, all of them completely nude on a futon and with a high degree of connection with the masseuse.

Which masseuses offer the special Santai Integral massage?

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How is a integral Santai massage?

Our special Santai massage is one of the most requested and known erotic massages in the industry and is also known as body to body. Integral massage refers to the direct naked contact between the masseuse and the client from the first moment.

A combined massage between muscular intensity techniques, soft caresses throughout the body, sensual and slow movements to help the client relax. Next, progressively, the masseuse will perform their body to body movement by sliding in different positions, increasing the magic of the moment by making the client participate in various degrees of interaction. Eroticism, sensuality, beauty, serenity and perversion go hand in hand with pleasure.

Hands, breasts, feet, buttocks and thighs are impregnated hot oil, an extreme mutual feeling in all your senses together with a well-deserved interaction will make your integral massage the best thing you taste in Barcelona.

How do i book the integral Santai massage?

Inspired by a chill-out atmosphere, our facilities are elegant, discreet, with maximum hygiene, an indoor shower in each cabin, huge mirrors to observe the sensual movements that the masseuse performs throughout your body during the massage. A show worth watching.

In our centre you can visit us without prior appointment, although due to the high daily demand of reservations we do not advise this: however you can come and meet us in person without any commitment or to schedule your massage.