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Importance of music and atmosphere in massages

Choosing massage music

It has always been said since time immemorial that “music tames wild beasts”, and it’s true; since man is man through it, this effect has been achieved in all ages; from the most remote Egyptian dynasty to the crazy 20s going through the “dark” middle ages and ending this journey in the current century.

The individual as such has been able to express his moods through his intervention. In the same way, this happens in the topic that concerns us today; for this reason, we have thought it appropriate throughout the course of this article to refer to the role played by melodies and the importance of music in relaxing or erotic massages.

It’s known that to get an effective massage, in addition to having a good professional masseur running it, a number of factors must be considered; Among them, it could not be otherwise, our faithful companion, music.

Our main goal is to try, within all our possibilities, the relaxation of the body, making it evade all the stress of the inevitable noise that comes with the usual daily routine.

Take the initiative and in this way get a good atmosphere of the place, involves using certain elements, getting by themselves to give that point both relaxation and perfect harmony: candles, certain types of incense, very dim light and all the demands of a good “Feng Shui” are some of the most outstanding that we should not forget in this chain of purposes.

The fundamental appearance of our good friend music combined with the other elements will make us achieve our main goal; primary task at the time of the total relaxation of the body predisposing it in such a way to a good and perfect massage.

In Santai we know it, so we take great care of all those small but important details for you. feel pampered and super careful at all times attesting to our professionalism of good work as we have many years of experience and wisdom to be able to transmit all our beliefs.

Based mostly on Buddhism and Hinduism being Tantra (we spoke of it previously in another of our articles) main protagonist along with music, infallible element by which you. will reach the ideal state of “transition” necessary in this practice, being able to reach through a good meditation the sumum of pleasure. Therefore, music is essential for tantra massage.

ambiente relajante para masaje erótico

The atmosphere is with relaxing music

From the choice of the room that should be the most appropriate, considering all the previous criteria to perform said demanded massage, even the most suitable melody to choose; all this is part of this process to complete our purpose achieving the indicated environment where through it reach the total relaxation of the body-mind and can fully enjoy the experience.

A good recommendation that always works within this protocol is; offer the recipient the option of previously taking a shower, being essential when carrying out the temperature, since the hotter this is, the easier it’s for the skin to prepare during this process to open the pores, resulting in relaxation of all the muscles at the same time that to the total calmness of the mind.

When the body warms up we will have the optimal situation to receive this great experience with great pleasure; a massage with all the benefits that this entails for our bodily and mental health.

By means of the use of the gel, always of professional type and specific only for massages, we will obtain with the sum of its properties along with all the elements of which it’s composed, both anti-oxidants and nutrients, that are completely dissolved in the water penetrating in this way within the previously opened pores receiving all these wonderful sensations helping in this simple way to the relaxation of each and every member of the client in question.

We must qualify at this point in terms of everything already mentioned about the many massage techniques that although they are very varied and totally different, all absolutely all, have the same purpose.

Complements to make the chosen music perfect

Massage oil is an important element that we have not yet talked about. This element is used to accelerate the heating of the body, obtaining the preferred environment to carry out the practice of the chosen massage.

We have a wide variety of products necessary for you to feel as comfortable as possible to assess and note in your agenda the date on which you began to enjoy these practices so conducive and healthy, making this habit a good habit forming part of your routine where sporadically, or even just one once in your life You cannot stop trying.

For this reason, if you place yourself in the hands of one of our fabulous erotic masseurs in Barcelona, ​​you can feel in your own flesh all the beneficial effects of this practice.

Finally, we will mention our valuable statues, although in appearance they are only simple icons which are not important, in our decalogue of a good massage they cannot miss. It’s about our “friends” and faithful companions. They give the environment all the required solemnity and invite a totally infinite peace and calm.

I am talking about the prolific Buddhas, representations of the gods in the religion of Buddhism along with other images of Hinduism; as the best known, the goddess Shiva, from which most of the teachings and precepts that combine this religion with its tantric practices come from.

With the best atmosphere and open arms ready to meet all your needs, we will receive you in our erotic massage Barcelona centre, Santai.

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