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Importance of lighting for an erotic massage

In previous articles we reviewed the importance of smell, what relationship it has with different moods and how certain aromas can help us achieve a state of relaxation that makes us enjoy even more of a good erotic massage. In this article we will review the sense of sight and what role lighting plays in your mood.


The temperature of light

Perhaps you have never heard this expression, but the color or temperature of the light is very important for the relaxation or activation of our brain. The temperature of light is not perceptible to the naked eye and must be verified by direct comparison between two light sources, measuring the color that takes a white object (such as a sheet of paper) exposing it to two sources with different temperatures (a light bulb, a fluorescent tube…). The temperature of the light is measured in degrees Kelvin; being the visible light in a scale of between 1.000 and 12.200 degrees Kelvin of temperature of light. The higher the value, the bluer the light we measure (more intense). In contrast, those redder or orange light temperatures will have lower Kelvin values. If you are a professional photographer or you master amateur photography you have probably already heard how important the white balance of the camera is for taking a picture, which is nothing more than measuring the temperature of the light through the sensor of any camera (including your phone).

Light type and mood

The temperature and amount of light we see directly influences our brain. There is a field of biology in charge of studying how changes in light and temperature at regular intervals of time affect certain hormones and biological variables such as hunger, sleep, heat production… These variations at regular intervals of time (the night and day cycle) are called circadian rhythms, which directly affect sleep and eating patterns and indirectly to various hormonal systems, cell regeneration and brain activity in general.

To relax: orange light and moderate temperature


Millions of years of evolution under the constant cycle of days and nights have led us to develop vital patterns that depend directly on the amount and type of light we see. Under conditions of orange light and moderate temperature our brain prepares to sleep. These are precisely the kind of conditions that occur in the moments before and after sunset. For that reason in Santai Massages in order to relax to the maximum to our clients we use moderate, faint, pleasant lights, so that you can relax and enjoy your erotic massage to the maximum.

If you want to enjoy an erotic massage at the highest level, visit us!

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