At we continue to work for our clients by taking all the necessary safety and hygiene measures required by the special situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are open and we will maintain all the security measures that the regulations establish and that we describe below.

Hygiene measures that we implement at

Among all the measures we are using ozone cannons to disinfect our facilities and we follow a strict protocol of single-use materials to avoid contamination.

Disinfection with ozone

Ozone is a substance composed of three oxygen molecules and is a gas that is used at an industrial level as a disinfectant, a purifier and a water purifier and potabilizer. The main property of ozone is that it is a strong oxidant that acts particularly effectively with proteins and lipids present in any biological membrane. This means that ozone is a perfect disinfectant for eliminating bacteria and viruses. At we have a disinfection system using ozone cannons to disinfect the common rooms and each of the massage rooms periodically after each service. The advantage of ozone is that it also allows to disinfect fabrics (such as curtains, towels…) as well as furniture and pavements. also puts the focus on the common areas such as the counters, door handles, bathrooms…

Hygiene measures against COVID-19
Masks and disinfectant gel

Protective measures for our masseuses and masseurs

Our masseuses, who are the ones who interact most actively with our clients, will follow a rigorous disinfection process before and after each service, by washing their hands with disinfectant gel. Likewise, all our team of masseuses will be medically monitored daily to keep track of their body temperature and to keep a record of possible symptoms.

Disposable and single-use material

During all our sessions we will multiply the use of disposable and single-use materials to avoid contact and transmission of COVID-19. Specifically, all our sheets will be disposable and single-use, as well as slippers, bags, masks (which must be used for the entire duration of the massage) and disinfectant gels.

Input and output protocol has always stood out for its protocols for entering and leaving our centre, which ensure total discretion for our clients, but given the current pandemic situation, we have reinforced the entry and exit protocols to avoid contacts and contagion.

Certified warranty has a disinfection guarantee certificate that is available to all our clients in our establishment. This document certifies that all the disinfection and cleaning processes are being carried out in a scrupulous way as required by the current regulations.