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How to increase female libido naturally?

Would you like to increase female libido without resorting to chemicals? In this article we will show you how to do it in the most natural way possible, from food and drink products, sport and stretching, to erotic massages.

If you want to fight against the constant decrease in female libido, stop worrying about your periods with little sexual desire and discover the best home remedies to increase it, we invite you to continue reading this post.

3 tricks to increase female libido naturally

Here are some tips to increase libido naturally:

1. Food

There are some foods that, if eaten on a regular basis, contribute significantly to increasing libido

  • Avocado: avocado is a fruit that contains vitamin E, also known as the sex vitamin, which increases and stimulates sexual appetite.
  • Chocolate: chocolate has always been said to be a substitute for sex, as cocoa contains polyphenols that reduce stress and generate sexual desire.
  • Strawberries: strawberries are a fruit that has a protective effect on the cardiovascular system, i.e. they help to improve blood flow throughout the body, including the sexual organs. In addition, its seeds are rich in zinc, the mineral that improves sex life.
  • Watermelon: watermelon contains citrulline, a component that helps relax blood vessels and therefore improves blood circulation throughout your body.

2. Drinks

Teas and herbal teas are also effective remedies available to everyone.

  • Ginger tea: ginger tea helps regulate blood circulation throughout the body, especially in the genital area.
  • Cardamom and vanilla infusion: these ingredients are rich in zinc, so they will also help blood circulation, as well as reactivating the sex cells.

3. Sport

Following a routine of aerobic exercise and muscle stretching on a regular basis can help increase libido. We would like to highlight three simple exercises for all ages that you can do without having to leave the house.

  • Cardiovascular sports: cardio exercises improve blood circulation, including in the genital area. Among others, we recommend Zumba and aerobics sessions.
  • Pelvic lifts: by doing a series of 10 pelvic lifts a day, your sexual experiences could be more pleasurable.
  • Abdominal stretches: abdominal exercises, like pelvic thrusts, can improve and increase the quality of your sex life.

Other ways to increase female libido

If you’ve tried all of the above remedies and still can’t increase your libido, don’t worry, there are still other options.

1. Ginseng

Ginseng is a natural supplement with medicinal properties that stimulates sexual desire. It can be taken in capsule form in all-natural formulas or in herbal teas.

2. Ginkgo biloba

If ginseng doesn’t convince you, you can try an extract of ginkgo biloba, a plant whose leaves contain properties that promote the production of female estrogen. It can also be taken in the form of natural capsules or infusions.

3. Sexual massages

Finally, our recommendation par excellence is sexual massages. Erotic massages are perfect for relieving all the accumulated tension of everyday life and achieving a level of pleasure so high that it will undoubtedly reawaken the sexual appetite you thought you had lost.

How to increase female libido with a massage?

Have you ever thought about increasing your libido with a massage? With the Supreme Divan Massage, you will reach the ecstasy of your senses, and if you want to discover the limits of your body, don’t miss our Santai massage.

Whatever your choice, all massages are designed to reach a state of incredible relaxation and make your stay as pleasant as possible, thus increasing the female libido.

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