If you are a professional masseur owning a massage center or with the intention of receiving clients at home; or simply you would like to offer massages to your partner or friends in a relaxed atmosphere, decorating correctly the room where you are going to work is very important. A massage room should be a quiet space free of noise and distractions that can promote tranquility.

Choose the most quiet room

Choosing the quietest room is the first step for the decoration to achieve the desired effect. It is always recommended that the room has natural light, but if this means that the windows will be facing a street with a lot of traffic or noise, better choose an interior room without a window. Excessive noise caused by traffic or external rumours will not help the relaxation of the user who is going to receive the massage. Once chosen the room and depending on the size of it we must orientate the decoration in one way or another.

Small rooms: simplicity and light colours

In the event that the chosen massage room is small and tiny, we must minimize the decoration to not overload the little space available. In this case, we must avoid superfluous decorations; for the walls and ceiling we must choose light colours such as white, pearl, beige or a very light green. These techniques will allow us to give the sensation of spaciousness.

Medium and large rooms: think organic

If you have a little more space the range of possibilities in terms of decoration for your massage room will be wider. If you chose to decorate the chamber with basic colors and simple objects such as melamine wood, metal and glass, you would be giving a cold and informal image, more like a doctor’s office. As you do not want that to happen it is highly recommended to choose objects made of wood, flowers, plants, bamboo stems etc., in general objects that remind to spaces, colors and textures of nature.

Color matters

You can choose from a wide variety for the color of the walls, each of them with various properties and differences. However, we recommend green, orange or blue. Green stands for harmony and well-being, orange for optimism and stimulation, and blue for tranquillity and stability. The light should be dim with long wavelengths that tend to red. A good set of candles will help you achieve that effect. It is important to emphasize this aspect when we talk about types of massages, since the color must be different if we talk about erotic massages or other types of massages.

Sounds and smells

In any case and regardless of the size of the room, it is very important to accompany the stimulation of the view -which we achieve through a correct choice of colors and decoration- with smells and sounds that invite to relax. A good set of incense or an aromatic oils for massage diffuser will help our client or guest to achieve relaxation.

It is also very important to have background music that incites tranquility. If you do not want to put music on a very interesting option is a white noise machine or installing a decorative fountain: the sound of water in the background will guide and complete the massage.

All these elements will make your erotic massages with erotic masseuses even better.