Massage oil is the essential complement to any erotic massage session. The massage oil encourages the fingers to slide over the skin, helping to move along the surface in a gentle way. This allows you to apply pressure and move your hands at the same time. Depending on the type of oil used, it will also offer hydration for the skin or a cold or heat effect that will offer physiotherapeutic advantages.

Tips for choosing an erotic massage oil

The aim of enjoying an erotic massage does not have to be to maintain relations afterwards, but in the case of being in a couple the possibility of that happening is very probable. We should also take into account the components or plants used in the formula. Here are some massage oils that will drive you crazy so you can get an idea of where to start.

Compatibility with relationships

If we focus on the erotic side, the most important factor to consider when choosing a massage oil is the compatibility of that oil with sex. It is important to choose a massage oil that is not irritating to the genital mucous membranes of the man or woman.

erotic massage oil with roses

If condoms are used during sex, we should forget about oils and opt for water-based lotions. The oils dissolve the latex in a matter of seconds and the condoms will break down like soap bubbles.

Edible and non-toxic

If, related to the previous section, we are looking for an oil that is compatible with sexual relations, it is also interesting to bet on oils made with natural ingredients, which can be licked and are not toxic if ingested. There is a great variety of “edible” essential oils, which as well as smelling good, have good taste and are not toxic if they reach the mouth through kissing and/or oral sex.


99% of massage oils contain essential oils from plants and nuts, so we should take a look at the ingredients and extracts the oil is made from. Some of the most common allergies are incompatible with some nuts, so before buying oils with extracts such as almond (one of the most widely used extracts in the manufacture of essential oils) we must be sure that neither we nor our partner is allergic.

Oil or cream?

The creams offer a thicker texture than the oils. As they do not drip, they are easier to apply and handle. In addition, the creamy texture offers a slightly different feeling to the oil, more unctuous and pleasant.

Extracts for a massage oil

There are thousands of extracts that can be used as an ingredient for a massage oil. Depending on the properties you are looking for in your erotic massage oil you should consider the following ingredients:

  • It has moisturising properties for the skin
  • It has a large amount of vitamin E
  • It is very dense and creamy
  • Like rosemary, thyme or lavender, used for their relaxing and disinfecting properties