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How to align our chakras?

The chakras are those energy centers that according to the Hindu tradition inhabit the human body. According to Hindus there are seven different chakras, which represent certain points where energy flows through our body, organs and different body systems.

When these seven chakras function well and energy flows through them, we are healthy in our mind, body and spirit. However, if our chakras function improperly, or experience blockages, we can notice how it affects our lives through our feelings both physically, emotionally and mentally.

body chakras

What are the 7 chakras

According to the current theosophical tradition, there is a chakra where one energy channel crosses another, so theoretically there are countless chakras inside the body. However, all scholars of the Hindu world agree that the chakras are 7, and are distributed along the spine. From top to bottom the 7 chakras are:

Sahasrara, white, the one of the spiritual connection (crown)

  • Ajna, purple, the one of intuition (eyes)
  • Vishuddha, blue, the communication (throat)
  • Anahata, green, the one of love (chest)
  • Manipura, yellow, the one of personal power (torso)
  • Svadishthana, orange, the one of emotions and pleasure (belly)
  • Muladhara, red, the color of one’s physical existence (pelvis)

Some problem in one of the chakras translates into problems in the area where that chakra is located. Typically and usually associated with some type of personal or psychological difficulty. Next we are going to see how to recover the alignment or balance of the chakras.

How to balance and unblock our chakras

It is possible to balance your chakras and remove their blockages wherever they are. You can practice meditation, change your lifestyle and other things to “repair” a misaligned chakra.

know the chakras


If you are interested in meditation you can balance your chakras through guided meditation for beginners. Simply spend 30 seconds concentrating on each of the different chakras to facilitate their balance. As you work on each of the areas, see if any of them feel uncomfortable.

Mantra chanting

Mantras (also known as chakra statements) are sounds you repeat to yourself to reinforce a positive message about chakra alignment. Each of the chakras has its own mantra, which are as follows:

  • Sahasrara (crown): silence
  • Ajna (eyes): Ohmm
  • Vishuddha (throat): Haahm
  • Anahata (chest): Yaahm
  • Manipura (torso): Raahm
  • Svadishthana (belly): Vaahm
  • Muladhara (pelvis): Laahm

Other chakra alignment techniques

To improve the balance of our chakras, in addition to chakra meditation and mantra chanting, we can change our lifestyle by focusing on the following

  • Food
  • Tantric Massage
  • Contact with nature
  • Wearing the right colors for each chakra
  • Practice gratitude
  • Practice positive visualization

From our erotic massage center we encourage you to interact with your own inner knowledge to feel better over time.

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