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Health benefits of orgasm

benefits of orgasm

Sex is pleasurable for most people. In addition to the pleasure it can bring, did you know that it also has health benefits? In the following article we will tell you about the main health benefits of orgasms, both male and female.

Main benefits of orgasms

Stress reduction

Feeling stressed? You could try having an orgasm to relax. According to experts, it could be due to the relaxing chemical hormone that is released into the bloodstream after peaking. No wonder it is considered one of the main health benefits.

Orgasms improve heart health

Orgasms reduce cortisol levels, which is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Elevated levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, have been linked to everything from suppressed immunity to heart disease.

Boost the immune system

Research has shown that one of the greatest health benefits of orgasm is that it boosts the immune system. In fact, studies have shown that orgasms can increase the body’s antibodies.

Strengthens pelvic muscles

Orgasms can be identified by many characteristics, such as contractions throughout the body, sensations or emotions of pleasure, happiness, satisfaction and release. Some may experience spasms and contractions in the genital and pelvic area, including squeezing. These movements use the same muscles that are activated during kegel exercises, so it can be said with certainty that routine orgasms strengthen the pelvic floor and can improve mobility.

couple having orgasms

Relieve pain

During touching and sex, the well-known endorphins are released, which have natural pain-relieving qualities. They have such a powerful effect that even some studies indicate that the mere thought of sex can increase tolerance to the pain itself.

Orgasms help you sleep better

The same endorphins that relieve pain are also known as the feel-good hormones, and help increase trust, attachment and bonding, and in turn have a sedative effect that helps improve sleep.

Improves emotional health

Orgasms also have an impact on our mental and emotional health, providing an improvement in our mental and emotional health by increasing self-esteem, confidence and daily mood. In other words, orgasms, and sex in general, make us feel more relaxed and in a better mood.

Do orgasms in an erotic massage improve my health?

Both male and female orgasms have a physical and a mental stimulation part. This is why people often achieve climax through an erotic massage or a conventional message, such as a sports massage. The state of relaxation that is achieved is such that the conditions are optimal for reaching orgasm and, consequently, enjoying the benefits that this brings to health.

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