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What is Hawaiian or lomi lomi massage? Benefits and properties

hawaiian massage benefits

If you are looking for a massage that will take you to a state of maximum relaxation, you are in the right place. The Hawaiian massage, also known as Lomi-Lomi massage, is currently all the rage thanks to the numerous benefits it provides. We’ll tell you all the details in this new post!

What is Lomi-Lomi massage?

The Hawaiian massage is one of the deepest techniques that exist to achieve a deep degree of relaxation. This technique helps the patient to prevent stress and anxiety, as well as to promote the mobilization of the body’s joints. It is also highly beneficial for regulating blood circulation.

This technique is characterized by the use of fingers, hands and elbows to perform the massage and even prevent some injuries. It is basically about finding a balance between the spiritual and the psychophysical.

This massage has many similarities with erotic massages, as they stimulate different parts of the body to offer a totally satisfying experience to the user.

Origins of Hawaiian massage

As its name suggests, this technique has its origins in traditional Hawaiian medicine, which dates back more than 4000 years. The healers conceived of the human organism as an energy centre that needed to be brought into balance and harmony, i.e. using philosophy to treat body and mind. It is important to note that Lomi-Lomi is not only based on massage, but that its true raison d’être is to reconnect with the spirit.

In 1893 the Hawaiian government banned spiritual traditions after years of political turmoil. They were not lost, however, but were practiced in secret until 1973, when a respected elder decided to teach anyone who wanted to learn all the knowledge she had acquired from her family. After several criticisms, the Hawaiian community resumed interest in the healing arts.

person receiving hawaiian massage lying downBenefits of Lomi-Lomi

As mentioned above, this type of massage is characterized by a number of benefits for the body and mind, including the following:

  • Improved lymphatic circulation
  • Mobilization of all the joints in the body
  • Supreme state of relaxation and balance between body and mind.
  • Reduction of depression and stress, it is essential to apply it in different areas, especially for the parts of the body most affected by stress.
  • Improved breathing capacity
  • Improved blood flow
  • Elimination of muscular tension
  • Elimination of mental blockages
  • Release of endorphins

How the Hawaiian massage is performed

It is true that although the movements for this type of massage are usually common, each therapist uses his or her own style through the ambience of the place and his or her own guidelines.

After achieving the ideal atmosphere, the therapist proceeds to perform intense and rhythmic movements with his fingers, hands, forearms and elbows, which have a certain resemblance to osteopathy and chiropractic. The force used will depend on the physical condition of each patient, as well as possible medical conditions, as bodily injuries may occur. Most commonly, this practice lasts around half an hour, although, as we have said, each specialist can adapt the session to the needs of the patient, in order to achieve the maximum level of relaxation.

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