A set of sounds, which form words that in turn are transformed into terms with proper meaning.

If we are really talking about erotic vocabulary, according to Wikipedia, this concept has a name: Erotic Literature, or more specifically, of a whole literary genre; where the texts are indirectly or directly related to eroticism (topic that concerns us today).

Eroticism is a very important part of this vocabulary, drinking mainly from its source par excellence, love, within the pleasures of the flesh, but in a more platonic way.

It resorts to this, although the fundamental thing is not only that, but the desire, which is the sample of all its shine and splendour, of the absolute beauty par excellence and of everything that surrounds it including our social life.


An erotic massage is the use of all possible techniques within a massage to reach a sexual purpose. Encompasses intimate relationships, where you can discover and enjoy such pleasure, as such, but considering the entire body in its fullness, always giving the excitement to the appropriate extent.

So in this way, we combine technique to achieve based on a series of caresses and intensity in different degrees, from the softest to the strongest, (always depending on the tastes of the client); our primary objective, the achievement of one of our wonderful and complete erotic Santai Masajes in every rule.

Used as an erotic game par excellence; it goes from one’s own hands as the main tool to the use of a more personal object, or of more controversial meaning, such as: an ice cube to discover layer by layer the total arousal of the body as a reaction to the cold, to one thing as insignificant as a simple feather could be, whose almost imperceptible touch gives the same result. All with the mutual consent of the couple, of course.

Regarding the definition of an erotic massage itself, let’s take closer look at each term.



We resort to one of our most demanded specialties, it’s the tantric massage which, includes words to differentiate the two genres; As you know our most regulars is a discipline of Hindu origin which highlights 2 very differentiated terms.


Male Genitals Lingam (phallus and testicles) carries both generative and powerful properties and above all means fertility.

The lingam massage involves the use of muscular techniques with the elegant use of eroticism as an innovative part, it may have a happy ending or not; always depending on the preferences of the client.


Female genitals Yoni (vulva, uterus, vagina or belly) according to its strictly Sanskrit meaning, all of them have a single meaning: source of life.

Both involve the use of muscular techniques with the elegant use of eroticism as an innovative part, they can have a happy ending or not; always depending on the preferences of the client.


Considered as an “object of desire” it can be from the same body, from the most common case: the feet, organ of the most sensual for many, even an intimate garment, such as a simple garter belt or a pretty silk tie. Why not?


Another infallible term would be, in this case, gender only female, dominatrix: female figure, woman, who exercises full power over everything that concerns orgasmic pleasure.

In this case, the submissive man must be willing to fulfil all the desires or orders and of course any kind of sexual fantasy that the mistress wishes to perform.

This game, should always make clear from the beginning all the limits and corresponding rules so as not to lead to any misunderstanding, thus fully enjoying all their benefits as a couple.


We can also resort, at the time of experiencing a good relax massage within this glossary, to parts of our own body, some known and others not so much. Some of them would be the following:

The neck

It can be a point of stress and important stress, the neck. A curiosity that almost everyone is unaware of, is that this area can be a gateway to pleasure because, in the West, it’s considered the link between reason (head) and body (emotion).

Perianal area

If it’s a question of hidden places, our clients can try a prostatic massage in the perianal area where, through the use of hands, and above all, the fingers of our professional masseur will reach the climax and feel a great desire not only sexual, but also psychic, which is the most important.

Currently, it’s no longer a taboo, since it has been revealed as one of the best experiences for good sexual health of man, containing great benefits and benefits praised unanimously by multiple sexologists and experts in the field.

This one receives several names:

From periné or the better known perineum, going through its most scientific form (pelvic floor) to the most common term: G-spot.

This practice is strictly masculine, only and exclusively for men, since in that zone resides its g point located in the prostate in the same centre of the perineum.

It’s an area that includes the region that is located between the anus and the testes, rich in nerve endings, which makes it highly erogenous.

In our massage centre we fully control this area so delicate that you. feel as comfortable as possible and experience a pleasant experience always in good company, that of our expert erotic masseurs.


The formula of the body to body is already well known by our most loyal users.

Among the numerous erotic massages taught by our professionals in the centre there is the Nuru Massage where the main protagonist is this substance in its Nuru gel form, which, by means of an erotic shower, and later continuous frictions, rubs and caresses; always placing special emphasis on the erogenous zones of the aforementioned that the masseur gives directly to the client’s body, it will achieve that it reaches a state of serenity and will fully awaken its most recondite sexuality.


Up to here some of the most interesting and prolific words used in the World Massage slang.

We hope you have been interested and convinced enough to make an early visit to our Santai Massage Centre, where all these disciplines will be applied.