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What were the Geisha like and what are their techniques used for now?

From the lands of the rising sun we have received many massage techniques in order to give pleasure and relaxation, some of them as famous as the Nuru massage (which as indicated by the literal translation ‘slippery’ is a body to body massage for slide between the bodies with a special gel) Or the Shiatsu massage (where the energy flows and the body and mind are harmonised).

In ancient Japan, the Geishas were instructed from very young for the art of giving pleasure to men. They were synonymous with eroticism and lust, and among their gifts of satisfaction towards men stood out their oriental erotic massages.


What is a geisha?

Professional entertainment… used different Japanese arts, such as dance, music and poetry, which were mainly his skills; literally “person of the arts”.

Its main tasks would be entertainment in all its aspects; from parties, meetings or agapes, both male and female or mixed.

Their learning could start from the age of 15, as the age of initiation, in some cases it’s known from childhood.

The first appearance of which we have evidence of the existence of these unique characters in the story is the wonderful opera Madame Butterfly, which had a great impact on society and the media of the time.

Geishas and their classes

Perfect companions for any type of man who could afford it, were those who were responsible for entertaining the great parties of the jet set of the time.

With the decline of the courtesans at the beginning of the 17th century, the geisha world increased its possibilities and with them its resurgence. For although the courtesans were more educated, they did not have the freedom they had to work outside of their district and their home.

There were also male geishas (Hokan) but ended up disappearing after 1800 and making way for today’s female geisha (onna geisha) geisha woman.

According to their origin, they were classified into 2 types:

Kuruwa or Neighborhood Geisha

She could not afford to leave the perimeter she occupied, “the neighbourhoods of pleasure”, where she worked assiduously.

The most notable difference with the “city geisha” was the length of the incense that marked the prolongation of the service. In the case of the “neighbourhood geisha” it was smaller.

Also the type of clientele was more select and the places more taboo less frequented.

Machi or City Geisha

She worked independently outside the “pleasure districts” and was responsible for entertaining the men who requested her company at the main meetings and parties.

How did one learn to be a Geisha?

By tradition, they started at an early age; from the age of 15 until the age of 21 where they reached sexual maturity and were already veteran geishas through the ceremony of the Erikae (change of collar) regarding the kimono attire.

In silence, they observed the most experienced and secretly took note of their abilities, after a ceremony where they were matched with a one-san (mentor) and guide who would teach her the ways and the knowledge to be necessary to be respected, famous and above all to have talent, within the karyukai world.

An agreement was reached between the professional geisha and the apprentice through the owner of the okiya or the Okaasan (mother) where they agreed with the companion to pay the services for taking charge of the apprentice and presenting it in society. This payment came out of the salary.

Once this process was agreed upon, both the apprentice and the experienced one attended a ceremony called san-san kudo which means (three-changes) in the sanctuary of their district where they announced their future relationship to the spirits.

The young woman released a new name (which usually coincided with a letter of the name of her older sister) leaving the professional geisha afterward related to the young apprentice forever.

Then they went to training in several traditional arts.

What was the agenda of a Geisha?

An agreement would be made between the client and the union of the geishas (keriban), which would be responsible for the schedule of each of them and take the agenda of its many meetings both in the professional stage of entertainment and the still incipient training.

These meetings could be erotic or not.

As an anecdote, I would only add that another secret of the geishas’ best kept was that they not only catered to male clientele but also maintained relationships with women.

The so-called Geiko held meetings where they catered to the most solvent gentlemen and mainly businessmen.

As we have already revealed before; they were hired by the tea houses (ochayas) mainly by tradition; at parties and meetings and even typical Japanese restaurants (ryotei), where they performed those services, which could be measured in two ways.

According to the duration of the same:

Through the tariff flowers (ohana)

Another method of measurement would be the use of the peculiar senkodai, tariff-type incense stick; that marked in this particular way the end of the meeting gyokudai (jewel fare)

Geisha nowadays

The latest fashion in Japan is the masculine and modern version of the traditional geisha.

Originally, the taikomochi or houkan were the ones who began this tradition by giving a twist and turning now in our days to be in vogue, referring us in this way, to the most ancestral traditions but already in the new millennium.

It’s above all the main pastime of Japanese girls, who don’t hesitate to hire these services paying thousands of euros for having the prized company of these sex icons in totally exclusive high standing places.

Today, a geisha can do many things that were previously unthinkable such as going to college and freely choose her boyfriend or lover (Danna).

Some also get married and others prefer to retire before getting married in order to have children of their own outside of marriage.

At present, the shikomi also work as maids and are separated from their family between one and two months so that they can acquire their own independence.

Symbiosis between Geishas and erotic masseurs

The erotic masseurs of the 21st century are not so different from the ancient geishas: they adopt a name that will accompany them during their time as an artist of massage, they are instructed by the veteran teachers of tantra, their massages are flavoured with incense, their mission is unquestionably the to give pleasure, and his discretion is absolute.

We hope you have been interested in this atypical post, and to you, what are you waiting for, for us to give you an exclusive Japanese erotic massage with our erotic masseuses at Santai Masajes?

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