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Games and accessories for erotic massages

What is behind a great erotic massage? Like all good professional work, it includes a series of complements along with a good personal hygiene kit where Santai Masajes puts at your disposal everything necessary to obtain an optimal result when it comes to putting yourself in our wise hands; from aromatic candles, with its incense included, to a professional relaxing oil more than surprising.

What accessories do you need for a good erotic massage?

From always the great precursors of most of these erotic massages so coveted in our days have been the Japanese.

Nuru massage gel

One of the most requested in our massage centre is the Nuru Massage whose main element is the so-called “Gel Nuru” (hence its name).

It comes from the word (Nuru-Nuru) “slip” (slippery) although it could also come from another word “nori” (alga) from where part of its stratum the so-called product is extracted.

Transparent in texture, totally hypo-allergenic, thick and very flexible.

Odourless and tasteless also possesses the property of warming up by mixing with the massage oil allowing the masseuse to slide in different positions both mouth-up and mouth-to-mouth, thus achieving with this particular form, reaching its goal: to provide pleasure and relaxation to our receiver at all times.

One dose is enough. It’s applied generously both by the client’s body and that of our expert masseuse, with the peculiarity of being smooth but not greasy with detoxifying properties.

Its main aim is to help warm the body of the client thus allowing the best slip of our professional erotic masseur to carry out this practice with all the dedication that you. deserves, making this experience one of the most rewarding and enriching that you can live.

Special self-slip sheet for massages

Another important and very creative element that we want to present exclusively is our novel self-slip sheet.

Made of high quality latex, it has come to replace the comfortable towel previously used on our soft futons, executing the chosen massage in such a personal way.

Its pleasant texture to the point of feeling between silk and cotton will transport you to heaven directly from the hand of any of our wonderful masseurs choose.

A good advice is to keep it in mind especially when hiring a good body to body massage, “body to body” in full force, enjoying this wonderful discipline.

Santai personal kit

This massage starts with a relaxing erotic shower. It’s one of the favourites of our most assiduous clientele where nudity plays a fundamental role and nothing better than a good erotic kit composed of a good refreshing cologne made from natural essences that relaxes and refreshes the whole body of the stressed client with desire to give a good professional massage.

We also have our deodorant; being sweating another problem that affects and generally worries our clients and causes very annoying at the time of predisposing the body to receive a relaxing massage.

Scented hot towels

The warm wipes are also another essential complement, impregnated with a surprising aroma, with them we accelerate the speed of warming up the body by toning the muscles and providing an extra hydration throughout the process while providing a pleasant sensation of calm once it has been done the termination. Of course, these also perform the task of absorbing the oil used throughout the massage.

Sneakers for single use – Comb

And finally to finish if you want a perfect finish, don’t hesitate to put on our comfortable bath slippers placed at your service, made of the purest organic cotton and get as comfortable as possible while pampering your hair with another of our articles, a comb for Leave our centre as you entered after going through the massage and shower.

Our Lingerie

So or more important, it’s what our professional masseur takes when it comes to having an erotic massage in our Santai Massage Centre, if it’s about having a good outfit for the occasion, it’s in the right place even though the imagination is the best item to be able to put on our expert hands.

If you have also had the privilege of being able to enjoy our striptease dance when hiring our Supreme de Luxe massage, intimate clothing is its weak point.

We have the latest in the so-called World-Lingerie, which has become fashionable again, although it has always existed and formed part as a fundamental complement to the erotic game since all times.

Fetish pleasure

We wanted to leave the best for the end, as if it were a good dessert in this section. Yes it’s one of the most curious clients who like fetishism and has not yet tried one of our delicious erotic or tantra massages given by the expert hands and feet of one of our beautiful professionals in our centre, what are you waiting for? You will feel your feet rubbing all over your body, and you can also interact with them as much as you want.

Let yourself be whipped by one of our masseuses! With its spectacular elite whip, this jewel is not any kind of instrument. Of course, it meets all the expectations of our most experienced clients in these events.

He has not yet felt the impulse to fulfil this fantasy. What are you waiting for to taste it in his “own flesh”? If you still need more action, be part of our most select club of gourmets and select clients who have already tried it.

Anal stimulation

We offer our most personal fantasy with a happy ending, adding the incentive of playful anal stimulation, giving you in this peculiar way the opportunity to try our fabulous latest and boldest novelty in sex toys, “the anal thimble”.

Have you not tried this delight yet? We invite you to try it, and to be totally satisfied in our centre. You just have to get carried away, enjoy, and repeat.

We hope to have been of great help instructing you with our games and accessories for the massages, having satisfied your curiosity by revealing to you some of our secrets kept with more zeal and reserved for you.

Happy massage

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