If you wish, you can come to Santai Masajes to shave and then enjoy the erotic massage that you prefer.

All our hair removal can be done with erotic clothing: lingerie and heels (please let us know when booking) to enjoy the view with our masseuses who are also qualified beauticians.

Please note that all massages last 45 minutes and are interactive.


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Comprehensive male waxing: the man of the 21st century

In the antiquity was not well seen the shaving or full male hair removal. In times past most of the world was used to having hairs on all the body, including the genital areas. Over the years, this way of thinking has been decreasing; so that today are millions of men who come to specific hair removal centres, all this to get rid of hair.

This idea has changed so much that, today, having hair on any part of the body (except the beard) is considered an act of carelessness and unhygienic. This idea has arisen from different studies that show that excessive hair tends to accumulate bacteria.

In most of the times women are the ones who have adopted this type of practice, since it’s less graceful to see a woman with her legs or hairy armpits. With this, men who are often categorized as unsophisticated, have been adapting to the thinking of society; in such a way that they look for the best centres to wax and take a more decent figure.


Male full hair removal

Although for a long time it was considered an act of bad behaviour, right now hundreds of men cannot get used to not being shaved. The erotic integral male hair removal covers a general depilation of different areas of the body.

The integral male hair removal is applied mostly with wax or with laser equipment that has the function of detaching the hair from the roots; resulting in a softness throughout the skin. One of the main advantages of male full body hair removal is that it won’t leave hairs dots. Also when it’s applied, the growth is slower.

Laser vs Wax

One of the biggest fears men face when waxing is the intense pain it causes. However, due to technological advances, thousands of hair removal centres have been replacing waxing with laser machines. These have the same effect, with the only difference that they don’t produce pain. However, waxing by hot wax is usually more effective and less harmful than laser hair removal, as it doesn’t cause side effects.

The integral male hair removal includes the detachment of the hair. From the shoulders, to the legs; going through the areas of the shoulders, back, chest, abdominal, genital, anal, buttocks, and legs.

Male hair removal

This practice of detachment of body hair is one of the forms of hygiene most practiced throughout the world. Male hair removal is carried out by a person skilled in the area. This service that works as an epilator consists of the necessary measures to carry out the process with total satisfaction.

Because male waxing with hot wax is a painful practice, the environment where it takes place should be a relaxing environment, and that is why most salons that have this type of service adopt a neat environment; with an excellent aroma and a totally different environment. During the sessions of male hair removal the areas that are most frequented by clients are the armpits, chest and abdomen. Very few resort to genital hair removal, often because of embarrassment.

Good services are those that are interested in the client; those who want the person to be relaxed and satisfied with the hair removal. In many cases to relax the client a massage session is offered and, if the client wishes, he can go through a hair removal session.

Genital depilation

Nowadays many men consider that a genital depilation is a symbol of feminism. However, studies show that pubic hair is apt to create bacteria and fungi. In addition, pubic hair is currently considered to be a lack of hygiene; That is why male genital hair removal has gained demand in recent years.

This can be a nice combination with erotic massage.

A point in favour of genital waxing with hot wax is that the present hair will be uprooted. This results in the person having more than 15 days without hair. It should be noted that genital hair removal doesn’t only cover part of the penis and testicles; but also the beautiful that accumulates in the perianal area.

Benefits of a shaved body

Undoubtedly the benefits of having a shaved body are many, a main benefit’s that it will be releasing annoying hairs that often cause irritation, itching and accumulation of bacteria, in addition to the softness that this leaves on the skin.

If you still have doubts, you can contact us and we will inform you of the specific techniques of integral male hair removal that we carry out in Santai Masajes.