How do we perform the 4 hand massage?

Our 4 hands massage is one of our most requested massages at Santai. Why choose one masseuse when you have the option of satisfying your imagination with two at the same time? Our massage is done on futon starting with interaction from the first moment as our expert masseuses are synchronized with each other to give maximum pleasure to our exclusive clients.
This type of massage combines the best techniques of each masseuse together to merge their abilities, a brutal melee and a glorious ending will make you explode like an erupting volcano.

Masseuses who offer the 4 hand massage

sonia masseuse erotic brunette santai


marlenne barcelona erotic masseuse


lia santai erotic masseuse in barcelona


maria erotic masseuse santai


How is the 4 hand massage different from Santai?

Our 4 hands massage is a massage that tests the coordination of our masseuses when the client feels stimulated all his areas in a specific way for the taste of each one.

Our masseuses will guide you through the whole experience and will attend to all the demands you may have. You are the main character and you will enjoy everything you want.

Each masseur has their own favourite oil that in this combined experience will make everything much more special and above all, pleasant for all your senses.

How to book the 4 hands massage of Santai

Our massage centre offers all the comforts of booking a 4-handed massage. Preferably by appointment so you can arrive and enjoy the massage as soon as possible. You can book through the contact button below or if you prefer you can call any of our phones 934 143 532 and 660 744 020 (or click on the buttons of whatsapp and calls). We are waiting for you!