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Foods for sexual stimulation

Did you know that food can affect sexual desire? There are foods that have the ability to stimulate sexual activity because they are naturally aphrodisiacs. When we talk about aphrodisiac foods, we refer to all those foods that can help with sexual arousal by having hormonal or vasodilator properties.

While it is true that there are pharmacological stimulants that have been marketed for years, natural alternatives will always be safer and with reduced side effects. In order to recover sexual desire in couples, they are one of the best options available.

TOP 5 foods for sexual stimulation


Strawberries are an excellent fruit to increase sexual appetite in men and women because they are rich in vitamins C and Zinc. They help stimulate the endocrine glands and the nervous system, due to potassium and magnesium, favoring the reception of sexual stimuli.

In addition, eating strawberries with cream or chocolate as a couple is a very sensual act that adds a component of visual and psychological stimulation to foreplay.


Chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac food that helps to release endorphins and generate a feeling of well-being. It also has substances such as phenylethylamine, dopamine and theobromine that contribute to sexual arousal and pleasure, as well as caffeine that acts as a natural stimulant.

sexy girl eating chocolate

The consumption of chocolate together with a good wine or cava during foreplay helps to create an atmosphere of relaxation and sensuality that results in more pleasurable orgasms.


Honey is rich in vitamins B, C and minerals. If consumed raw, it stimulates the production of testosterone in men and estrogen in women. Its use is millenary and activates not only the romanticism in couples but also helps to provoke sexual appetite.

For men who need help with fertility, consuming honey helps produce higher quality semen. It is also an excellent natural treatment for those who suffer from premature ejaculation, besides being a source of energy par excellence.


Avocado is a tropical fruit very appropriate to stimulate intimate relations because it has unsaturated or “good” fats. It is very rich in vitamins B6, potassium and folic acid, which helps increase libido in both women and men.


Shellfish and mollusks in general are considered aphrodisiacs, but the others are at the top of the list. They are rich in zinc, a mineral that favors the production of testosterone in men. In addition, it increases libido and dopamine levels causing greater pleasure at the time of sexual intercourse.

The list of aphrodisiac foods is long, however, these 5 foods are at the forefront for being the most effective in enhancing sexual arousal. Many of these foods can be combined, such as honey and strawberries or strawberries and chocolate, to create a romantic and sensual atmosphere that serves as a prelude to the encounter, but do not forget the importance of foreplay in sex. Dare to try some (or all) of these aphrodisiac foods with your partner and you will notice the difference.

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