Essential oils for erotic massages

Essential oils for erotic massages are widely used. These are basically all those oils that give plants their distinctive odours and flavours, being able to find both in their flowers and in some seeds, barks, roots and other parts of the same plant.

This kind of oils have been used throughout history in different ways such as perfumes or other types of cosmetic products, and have been assigned in certain cultures certain properties of religious or medicinal types. It’s worth noting that all essential oils are antiseptic, but each one differs by having a property that characterises it.

Use of essential oils for massages

In general terms, when rubbing the essential oils on the skin, different effects are produced to several organs, as well as some benefits in the nervous system, always depending on what type of oil it is. They have three different ways of acting in the body, which are summarised in:

– When entering the bloodstream, the oil could make contact with different types of hormones, enzymes and others, reacting so that it can treat all the health problems that are being experienced in this area.

– Physiologically these oils also meet various benefits, renewing, stimulating and hydrating the body and especially the skin.

– When certain types of oils are inhaled, they can positively affect various psychological aspects such as mood or stress reduction. This is one of the most important uses and is called aromatherapy.

There are several mixtures of these oils which can stimulate the body in a very remarkable way besides causing a great positive change of mind with just one massage. Generally, before performing any type of erotic massage with essential oils, these must be diluted in other so-called base oils since they are usually quite concentrated.


This technique has been established as a proven method of healing and not only this, as the name implies, is done through smell, but also could have beneficial effects for certain organs by the reaction of some essential oils with the chemistry of the skin, by means of different types of massages.

When performing these massages, the skin absorbs the oils that run throughout the body through the bloodstream, which causes different results depending on the kind of essential oil that has been used.

Aphrodisiac essential oils

Generally the essential oils that increase the sexual desire are all those that have properties that stimulate the circulation. The oils mentioned below in conjunction with a good sensual massage and the appropriate setting will make a couple’s session increase its intensity to the maximum.

Nutmeg essential oil: This oil is there to stimulate the libido in situations in which it’s affected by stress or fatigue.

Savoury essential oil: For all those people who may become exhausted quickly during sexual intercourse as it stimulates physical energy.

Jasmine essential oil: When the jasmine is in a pure state can have very relaxing properties, which is perfect to help in those sexual problems that are due to depression.

Ginger essential oil: It’s considered a powerful stimulant that increases body temperature which must be well diluted as a result of its strong smell.

Essential oils for muscle aches

The main property of some essential oils is to relieve certain ailments that may occur in different parts of the body, which are exposed below (None is recommended to apply in pregnant women or who are breastfeeding):

Camphor Romero Essential Oil: This muscle relaxant par excellence is used mostly for torticollis and various muscular contractures.

Gaultheria essential oil: This oil is considered as natural aspirin, functioning as a powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory, perfect to treat diseases such as tendinitis or other similar. In addition to the above, this oil is also contraindicated for children under 6 years and for people allergic to aspirin.

Blue eucalyptus essential oil: Its use is recommended for patients with arthritis. It’s also the best alternative to gaultheria for all those who cannot use their oil.