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Massages against breast cancer

Can massages detect breast cancer in its early stages and make treatment more effective? Yes. Are massages beneficial for a woman diagnosed with breast cancer? Also.

In this article we are going to explain why a simple erotic massage can help the early detection of breast cancer (and therefore make the treatment much more effective) and how a massage can also help to relieve inflammation and drain areas of the body in women affected by breast cancer. However, first of all we must clarify: massages per se do not cure a cancer; if there is any doubt or irregularity in your breasts or those of your partner, consult a doctor immediately.

Massages for prevention and detection of breast cancer

The best cure for breast cancer is prevention itself. And prevention and early detection is done by palpation and manual examination of the woman’s breasts. That’s why an erotic massage, which massages and stimulates the breasts, can help:

  • Detection of enlargements in the mammary region (especially if they are irregular or only occur in one breast).
  • Detection of any hardness or bulge around the nipples
  • Secretions through the nipples
  • Sudden pain not caused by a hit or other illnesses.

Some tumors appear palpably and are easily detectable.

For that reason from Santai Masajes we can only recommend that you and your partner practice erotic massages on a regular basis, not only to strengthen your relationship and intimate ties but also for the health of the woman (or both, in the case of lesbian couples).

A breast exam doesn’t take more than a minute. We leave a video (in spanish) edited by the Argentine organization MACMA (Breast Cancer Help Movement) where you can observe in a practical way how to do it. Take advantage of the time you devote to your erotic massage to do a breast exam as a professional would do:

Massages as lymphatic drainage in breast cancer

Women who have had breast cancer surgery may have a side effect from the operation called lymphedema. Lymphedema is the chronic swelling and inflammation of the arm and occurs as a result of the removal of nodes from the armpit of that arm during surgery. The disappearance of the lymph nodes causes accumulation of lymph in the tissues of the arm and therefore inflammation.

However, it has been shown that the massages applied to that arm help mobilize the lymph to other parts of the body and therefore prevent inflammation. A massage oriented to lymphatic drainage can be done by a professional or by your partner after a brief theoretical training (which will be done by the doctors themselves) on the post-surgical self-care training sessions to be carried out for the prevention of lymphedema.

So again, from Santai Masajes we can only recommend that you and your partner devote time to do massages, erotic or not, one to the other.

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