At Santai Masajes you’ll find the most beautiful erotic masseuses of the city, expert masseuses in the art of erotic massage. Choose which masseuse you want to give you one of the massages of our menu and live an unforgettable moment.


Aina erotic masseuse Barcelona breasts

Aina is a goddess of elegance. If we add to that the enormous involvement, sympathy, and submission in each of her massages, she becomes the perfect erotic masseuse to live a unique experience full of passion and debauchery. Enjoy an authentic jewel: Aina.



Meet Georgina, an exclusive Catalan masseuse with a 100% natural body and an absolute interactivity in erotic massage that will leave you in a state of pleasure and unprecedented catharsis. Come and meet her and treat yourself to a highly erotic whim with Georgina.




Dare to meet Mya, our latest addition to erotic masseuses in Barcelona and immerse yourself in a dream that you can hardly wake up. Mya is an experienced masseuse of massage coming from Germanic lands that will satisfy your best fantasies with a totally natural body. Be bewitched with the magic of Mya and her most exquisite massage.


nora masajista final feliz barcelona

Meet our Argentine masseuse Nora, this beautiful woman with an exuberant body is pure fire and passion in her erotic sessions of skin-to-skin massage. Free yourself and join her in an unforgettable massage. Get into the hands of this expert masseuse and enjoy the best Lingam massage in Barcelona taught by Nora.



Sofía will make your massages even more pleasant as she is a certified massage therapist and knows how to combine professional massage with a high degree of passion and eroticism.

If you want a sensitive massage with her, contact SOFÍA.



Sol is our masseuse in Barcelona, considered ‘The Goddess of Ebony‘. Your large and voluptuous breasts will envelop you in a sea of unsuspected pleasures you would never have imagined.

If you want to know more, contact Sol.



Juliette is an attractive and very young French masseuse who will dazzle you with her French ‘savoir fair’ whispering in your ear those words with a French accent that will make you raise the temperature of the massage from the first moment. She is all sweetness and tenderness with a jovial body and 100% natural, without trap or cardboard. Magnetise the youth of this French girl with an enigmatic and different massage art that will seduce you instantly.

Come and discover the art of French massage with JULIETTE!



Isabella is a cheerful and smiling Italian masseuse who will seduce you with her beautiful mouth from the first moment you meet her. In addition, she has a slim and harmonious natural body with one of the most pert asses than ever have passed through Santai Masajes. If you like well-placed breasts and the true impetus and Italian spirit, Isabella will make you enjoy an unforgettable time with her particular technique of erotic massage. Come and meet ISABELLA today!

(Only by appointment)


Ingrid erotic masseuse in lingerie

Ingrid is a sweet and helpful erotic masseuse that will surely fulfil all your expectations to merge into a sensual and libidinous body-to-body massage where satisfaction cannot be contained. Take the opportunity now to delight yourself with Ingrid and her totally natural body.

Discover more of INGRID here.


Dana masajista tantra Barcelona

Open your eyes, look at Dana, close your eyes and enjoy a top massage that you can only enjoy exclusively at Santai Masajes. Open your eyes again and wake up from the dream that will linger in your mind forever. Repeat this unique dream when you wish, yes, only at Santai Masajes!

Discover the charms of DANA here.




Arlet is an attractive Catalan masseuse, with a harmonious and very pretty face typical of a catwalk supermodel, captivating look and seductive smile.

To give yourself a treat only at your fingertips, click on ARLET.



Carmen is an enigmatic Argentine masseuse with special talents on tantra. Not only because she has unique and different techniques for her partners, but because her fantasies go beyond the conventional.

If you want to discover magnetism and good work, meet CARMEN.



If you want to discover this smiling and beautiful tantra teacher, contact APRIL.


asian erotic masseuse

Mei is a beautiful and young Asian masseuse who will make you travel to the Far East with her massage techniques. She is a specialist in Japanese Nuru massage through which you will reach absolute ecstasy.

What are you waiting to book an appointment with her?


Cris erotic masseuse shower

Cris is one of our young masseuses from Santai. Our radiant cinnamon-skinned Venezuelan wears a long jet-black mane, fleshy and appetizing lips accompanied by her spectacular smile.

What are you waiting for?