As we have seen in previous posts the concept of “erotic massage” can sometimes be confusing, labeling as erotic massage everything that involves massaging the genital area of the person.

However, in some cases this is quite far from reality. For example, in the case of tantric massages what is sought is not excitement but the ability to enter into another state of consciousness and relationship with our body; and in the case of prostate massages, although the objective is the orgasm, it is sought that the recipient also experience what it feels when an ejaculation occurs without orgasm or how the prostate can multiply the pleasure of an orgasm. However, there are types of erotic massages that seek excitement and fieriness and no one better than your own partner to perform them.

How to excite a woman

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If your partner is a woman and you are a heterosexual couple you must know that to excite a girl you must go little by little. Unlike men, women don’t get excited as fast or as easily as they do, and starting slow is the key to staying on the right foot.

A girl’s excitement usually starts in her mind to continue in her body.

What really excites a large percentage of girls is feeling wanted and protected by their partner, so it starts with a few hugs, caresses and slow kisses, which are the best possible preparation for a 100% exciting massage for a woman. We do not recommend that you start with the genital area or breasts, leave those areas for later, when the environment is already a little warmed.

To be able to excite a woman avoid the haste: take off the clothes little by little and for parts, massage her back, arms and shoulders before passing to other parts of the body. When the girl’s body language asks you to do so, you can start massaging other parts of her body, using essential oils, being both naked and gently caressing your girl’s erogenous zones.

How to excite a man

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Men, on the other hand, function very differently at the sexual level. Men are more easy to excite than women and like to be more participative. A man is fundamentally excited not with his mind but with his sight and touch, and therefore if you want to get him excited make your boy participate in that massage: let him see you, touch you, feel your body on his and in general make him part of that massage to get excited and put him on heaven.

Experts in erotic massages

At Santai we are experts in erotic massages for men and women. If you are curious to experience what it feels like to have an erotic massage from one of our masseurs contact us now.