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Erotic massage with bamboo canes

Erotic massage with bamboo canes - Santai Massages Blog

The erotic massage with bamboo canes is an exclusive massage, during which specific parts of the body are massaged and stimulated using bamboo canes of different sizes. Do you want to know more? We tell you everything you need to know about erotic massage with bamboo canes.

Origin of bamboo cane massage

Bamboo has always been considered an exceptional plant in the Far East: in Japan, for example, Shinto monks traditionally build their monasteries in the heart of bamboo forests, convinced of the sacredness of these plants and that they give the place a special vital energy.

This belief is also deeply rooted in China: according to Taoist masters, the fibrous wood of bamboo channels the energy of the earth, purifies it and diffuses it outwards, so that all living beings, including man, can benefit from it. The experience of a bamboo massage is truly pleasurable. This treatment offers an extraordinary feeling of relaxation and is particularly suitable, for example, for loosening muscles after intense physical activity.

Benefits of erotic massage with bamboo canes

Bamboo massage can also be useful against cellulite. The maneuvers performed by the masseur, in fact, stimulate the lymphatic flow, counteracting the appearance of “orange peel skin”. Moreover, the mechanical movements of the bamboo massage also bring other benefits: through a specific technique, the reeds stimulate circulation and promote muscle relaxation.

Bamboo is rich in silicon, a substance that brings various benefits to the skin, strengthening and firming the tissues.

Characteristics of the erotic massage with bamboo canes

The massage with bamboo canes, if performed on the whole body, lasts a little more than an hour and is a real “sculpting work” to restore tone and elasticity. The massage involves the use of scented oils.

The treatment can be vigorous and energetic, suitable both for athletes, as it stimulates the neuromuscular plates, and for women who want to combat the effects of cellulite thanks to the draining properties of the massage.

Bamboo massage also stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation. The areas that the masseur usually focuses on are the legs, thighs, buttocks and abdomen, while the face is treated with gentle caresses. Bamboo cane massage generates a general feeling of relaxation and well-being. The body is reshaped and any muscular tension is released. For complete well-being, a cycle of 6 to 8 massages can be useful, either once a week or repeated cyclically.

Book your erotic massage with Santai

The erotic massage with bamboo canes is not the only one we offer in our catalog, discover also the Supreme Divan Massage, during which you will have your eyes covered with a blindfold and you will enjoy twice as much with the rest of your senses or the Deluxe Massage, in which you will be lying on a futon and the masseuse will begin to perform a very complete massage, based on a body to body. What are you waiting for? Book your erotic massage!

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