erotic massage for couples

Erotic massage in couple

What does our erotic couples massage offer? One of the most desired erotic fantasies by both women and men is undoubtedly the trio. The third in discord can be a man or a woman, and here comes the discussion. At Santai Masajes we make it easy, you can come to perform an exciting erotic massage with your partner and choose if you want to be done by a female or a male masseuse. Or why not, with both.

Erotic massage for couples as a gift

If you have ever tried any of our fabulous erotic massages and you have lived the experience to the fullest; you can consider living this extraordinary experience putting a little more mystery and maximum excitement.

Invite your partner to perform a massage with you and that she also discover the pleasure of tantra massage. Not only can it be fun but it can awaken in your person sensations that you have not experienced before. Yes, with total discretion.

Can you imagine seeing your partner moaning with pleasure while receiving a body-body massage by one of our beautiful and sensual masseurs? Surely he’ll love it, but you even more!

Erotic relaxing massage for couples

At the end of the massage, you will have the suite for you alone as long as you want, so that you can enjoy in intimacy with your partner and finish the massage the way you want. What happens inside the suite will only be known by you and no one else.

What is the erotic couples massage at Santai?

Our masseuse will start with one of the two making caresses and spreading the hot oil to start with a subtle and sensitive massage to relax the environment. In the meantime, you will be able to see at all times how the two totally naked take and receive the massage.

Then proceed with the same with you reciprocally. She will be able to watch as our masseuse seduces you with her massage and makes you vibrate.

Then, continue with her and you can join to interact with them and enjoy a full-fledged trio. Can you imagine seeing your partner in a state of maximum excitement caused by another woman? And you participating in it? You will be immersed in the empire of the senses. Senses fanned by the unleashed lust of the environment that you will create with the help of our erotic masseuse.

If you don’t settle for this and want to match forces with your partner… enjoy your erotic masseuse and male masseur. You can give the pleasure of getting each one your individual çerotic massageç.

Benefits of an erotic massage for couples

  • You won’t have to go to a local exchange.
  • At Santai Masajes you will have the maximum possible hygiene.
  • Guaranteed privacy It’s a private high standing apartment with facilities. perfectly equipped. No one will know that you are going to perform a tantra massage.
  • After the massage you can take a shower and go out just as you arrived.
  • You will awaken in yourself senses, vibrations, and pleasures that you will never have experienced before.
  • You will revive that flame of eroticism or sex that had been extinguished during your time in common.
  • You can make erotic fantasies that in couples estates are forbidden to perform separately.
  • You will strengthen your intimate bonds and common desires.
  • You will come out of the routine of day to day out of your monotonous environment.

Option erotic massage with your couple with a male masseur

If you are not satisfied with this and want to equalize forces with your partner… enjoy your erotic masseuse and she your male masseur. You will be able to give the pleasure of obtaining each one its individual massage since where they fit 3 also fit 4.

Of course, with several variants to choose from. The 4 in the same tatami to go seeing and observing how each one of you shudders with his masseurs; or on the contrary, in separate cabinets with the mystery of not knowing what will be happening next door. This you choose, for tastes colors.

Surprise her with this massage

It’s never too late to try a new experience, as well as to experience the curiosity of something different within your sexuality.

It will create an atmosphere of disinhibition in which you’ll notice new things that stimulate the other and you will enrich each other. You will explore your own limits of desire.

Surprise your partner with an erotic massage in a couple. 9 out of 10 couples who have come to try it, have repeated. What are you waiting for?

Tantra course for couples

If you want to learn techniques of manipulation and energetic transmutation to practice or deepen in a professional way, or to enhance your sex life, we invite you to contact us and schedule a personalized course.

This course is aimed at all those who want to learn in a practical and experiential way, tools such as massage and start the Ritual of Sexual Union.

400 euros 2.5-4 h

Surprise your better half with our erotic massages barcelona in special couple. 9 out of 10 marriages or couples who have come to try it have repeated. What are you waiting for?

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