At Santai Masajes, Barcelona’s  erotic massage centre, you’ll find the city’s most beautiful erotic masseuses. Choose which masseuse you want to give you one of the massages of our menu and live an unforgettable moment.

Types of Erotic Massage

Below you can see all types of erotic massages that we offer in Santai Massages. If you do not find the type of massage you want do not hesitate to contact us or call us.

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Tantra Massage

Tantra massages are performed on a bed, where the goal is to experience a state of total relaxation, thanks to caresses applied very gently by the entire body. This is a very sensitive and sensory massage in which we will apply a combination of hot oils so that you can find your inner-most self.

120€ / 60 Minutes.

Tantra Massage
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Nuad KAA Massage

Nuad KAA massage means enjoyment – it allows the recipient of the experience to participate and collaborate in developing the sense of touch, always guided by the masseuse who will travel throughout your body with gentle caresses that intensify as the massage progresses.

It’s a receptive massage.

120 € / 60 minutes.

100 € / 45 minutes.

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Special Santai Integral Massage

The Special Santai Integral massage brings all the techniques together in a single massage. One hour in which you will enjoy all the sensuality and eroticism of the Body Body, Tantra, Thai, Nuad and special tantric massages, all of them completely nude on a futon and with a high degree of connection to your masseuse.

100 € / 30 minutes

150 € / 60 minutes

Santai Integral
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Nuru Massage

If you are looking for a sensual and erotic massage, come and try the authentic Nuru gel next to our specialized slippery latex sheet. It’s done with both participants being nude – the masseuse covers the body with Nuru gel and begins to slide all over your body, accompanied by a body to body that will take your breath away.

The caresses that the masseuse provide, along with the most erotic tantric positions that you have ever imagined and made on a special Nuru futon, make it a unique experience.

180€ / 45 minutes

200€ / 60 minutes

Nuru Massage
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Santai Deluxe Massage

This is a massage for clients wanting to try out and enjoy new emotions and sensations. The massage begins with an erotic shower where you can caress the sensual body of the masseuse.

Then we go to a futon where you can enjoy the pleasures of our best body-to-body massages, positions and tantric games – you can interact at any time of the massage that you desire, with the two naked bodies impregnated with hot oil merging, ending in a relaxation that leaves your body in a state of absolute relaxation.


120€ / 30 minutes. 

160€ / 45 minutes. 

180€ / 60 minutes.

Santai Deluxe Massage
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Superior Santai Deluxe Massage

This is a massage of a degree superior to the Santai Deluxe massage indicated for beginners as well as for Santai regulars.

The massage begins with an erotic shower where you can caress the body of the masseuse and where the first relaxation takes place. Then we move to a futon where you can enjoy the pleasures of our best body-to-body massages, tantric positions, exchange of games and caresses fusing the two naked bodies impregnated with hot oil and in which you can interact with the masseuse at any time of the massage, ending in a new stimulation that will make you reach the most absolute ecstasy.

140€ / 30 minutes.

220€ / 45 minutes.

250€ / 60 minutes.

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Santai Deluxe Supreme Massage

As its name indicates this is a supreme massage, it’s the highest category in terms of massages and it’s impossible to reach a higher grade.

You just have to let go and let yourself be guided by the rhythm of your masseuse. Are you ready?
Enjoy an intense and pleasurable massage with the greatest erotic release you can imagine, but before… The sense of sight plays a very important role, so relax, enjoy, and let yourself go…

Also in this massage you will have your intimate moment in the shower with your masseuse that will make you reach a most exciting state. Then you will move to the futon, where you can relax and feel your masseuse as she travels and slides throughout your body, applying the most stimulating techniques and tantric positions, impregnated with hot oils and Nuru gel, until you return to reach the absolute climax.

A unique experience, different, original and above all very exciting.

300 € / 60 minutes.

330 € / 75 minutes.

380 € / 90 minutes.

Santai Deluxe Supreme Massage
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Santai Deluxe Duo Massage

The Deluxe Duo massage offers the same pleasures as the Santai Deluxe massage, incorporating at the beginning of the massage an erotic and sensual shower with the masseuse; continuing with a massage. With the difference of an added bonus: a second masseuse during the last half hour, to give you a greater touch of eroticism, thanks to the complicity between the two masseuses, the result of the combination of dedication, passion, sensuality and visual ability – you will reach a dream-like ecstasy.

Deluxe Duo, an explosion of sensations. Double pleasure, extreme eroticism, and exciting ending.

310 € / 60 minutes.

Santai Deluxe Duo Massage
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Massage to couples

Enjoy a massage with your partner as these are ideal and very used to reawaken the sensuality, eroticism and complicity that exists between you. Be open to a new world, full of seduction, caresses and passion that gives way to desire and pleasure.

Live a unique moment, disconnect from the outside and dedicate some time for you to enjoy every unique moment.

Seduce your partner, a game made for two, feeling the pleasure of erotic massage as a couple.
Personalised massage (please check when booking)

  • 1 masseuse 60 minutes 250€

  • 2 masseuse 60 minutes 400€

NOTE: After the massage you can have the room 20-30 minutes of courtesy for your privacy.

Massage to couples

Four Hands Massage

To perform this spectacular massage with four hands, a perfect synchronisation between the two masseuses is needed, in order to provide a unique feeling to the person receiving the massage. Four expert hands working at the same time on all sensitive and erogenous points – a unique experience.

Thanks to the complicity that exists between the two masseuses, you will become part of an erotic triangle that you won’t want to end; the high sensuality of this massage makes it an experience only suitable for massage gourmets , those who only settle for the very best.

300 € / 45 minutes
340 € / 60 minutes
390 € / 75 minutes
Four Hands Massage

Prostate Massage

This massage focuses solely and exclusively on stimulating the male perineal and prostate, since the prostate gland will be stimulated, being a very erogenous and sensitive area of ​​the male genital system and its contribution is key to orgasm.

Always accompanied by a good lingam massage and testicular stimulation, the perineal and prostate area will be stimulated so that the orgasm will be more pleasant, together with a soft penetration of the finger that presses the prosaic gland with circular movements, reaching relaxation and excitement.

Some refrain from trying this due to pressure from taboos and prejudices, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most erogenous points of the male anatomy, so we recommend letting go and trying these new and pleasurable sensations.

30 minutes tatami:  120 €
Prostate Massage
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Special Massages Divan

Our Special Divan massage for only 300 euros you will enjoy 60 glorious minutes, an erotic session taken to the extreme in our divan where the most daring and perverse games will bring to light your hidden fantasy.

Give yourself a whim!

340 euros / 60 minutes

370 euros / 75 minutes

400 euros / 90 minutes

Special Massages Divan
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Gay erotic massage

The erotic massage for gays is dedicated to one of our most select audiences. You can choose the massage that you prefer and one of our masseurs will make you enjoy taking you to a state of relaxation and pleasure that you do not know.

All our massages are available in a gay version.

We have special promotions every month!

Gay Massages
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Cheap Erotic Massages Barcelona

In Santai Masajes we have the most economic massages, but without losing quality, pleasure or service towards our clients. Many people wonder how we get the cheapest prices in Barcelona for the erotic massage of more quality, very easy, having very good facilities and a great team, dedicated solely to relaxation.

Erotic Massages
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Massages with a happy ending

The massage with happy ending is much more than that, it is an erotic massage that aims to make the masseuse happy your visit. In Santai Massages aware of this, we make our erotic masseurs apply all their knowledge and love in each of our massages.  Our philosophy is inspired by oriental wisdom and they try to relax you and help your body and mind in each massage.

Massages Happy Ending