Are you unfaithful if you enjoy an erotic massage while you have a partner?

The answer is yes and no at the same time. The application of the adjective “unfaithful” is very subjective to each type of couple. Normally -and always from the point of view of a monogamous couple- love infidelity is considered to be that situation that lacks the normative not-written pact that limits the number of people who can get involved in a love or erotic relationship simultaneously, that is: the prohibition for the tradition of monogamous couples to maintain other relationships in parallel, whether only sexual or also erotic-affective. When this happens in a classic monogamous couple is when we talk about  infidelity.

Each couple is different

However, there are many ways to understand what a “couple” is. For example in the case of the swinger world, where the couple allows -and also enjoys- their partner to maintain relationships with other people, at the same time or separately, the fact that one member of the couple enjoys an erotic massage will simply be an experience within the way of living the sexuality of this couple. What type of couple is yours?

couple enjoying an erotic massage

The key: communication

Also, in many occasions, an infidelity can be more or less serious depending on the degree of involvement and the extent of the infidelity. For example, there are couples who tolerate flirting, caresses, kisses, but do not tolerate a sexual relationship with a stranger that does not involve emotional bonding. Nevertheless 99% of the cases of arguments, misunderstandings and fights are due to a lack of communication. For any type of couple, what can be defined as infidelity implies deceit and lie. Talk to your partner about where your limits are, what you want, your tastes… Don’t leave your partner aside about your feelings, how you feel or what you think.

Discover yourself again

Enjoying an erotic massage opens the door to discover new erogenous zones of your body that you did not know about, new stimulation techniques that you can apply to your partner and ultimately allows you to enjoy a new approach to your own sexuality. If you talk about it with your partner, he might even want to accompany you. It is important to bear this in mind when talking about erotic massages.

Discover yourself as a couple

In Santai massages we also offer erotic massages for couples. In this case both of you will be able to enjoy the hands of a professional masseuse for each of you, who will take you to a new level of eroticism and sensuality. The fact that you enjoy it together will strengthen your affective bonds, since in an erotic massage the objective is not the orgasm but the conjunction of the five senses, in a sensual and relaxed environment that frees you of tensions and achieves that you reach an intense and lasting orgasm.