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Erogenous zones in men

In our previous article we described women’s erogenous zones and how we can classify them. In today’s article we are going to describe the erogenous zones of the opposite sex: the man.

Again: a lot of variety and subjectivity

As we mentioned in the case of women’s erogenous zones, an erogenous zone can be any part of the body that concentrates a large number of nervous terminations. Therefore there are many areas of the body that can be considered erogenous, and depending on the person those areas can vary substantially.

erogenous zones in men

Two types of erogenous zones

In the case of man we also have two types of erogenous zones, primary and secondary. In the case of primary erogenous zones these are the ones that induce or lead to orgasm and the secondary ones are the ones that simply help excitement.

Primary erogenous zones


The penis is the most notable erogenous zone of the man’s body, being the glans and the inner part of the foreskin the zone where more nerve endings are concentrated. The frenulum that joins the foreskin to the glans is also a very sensitive area that can provoke or stimulate orgasm very intensely.

The perianal zone

This is the area below the testicles between the scrotum and anus. Caresses and gentle pressure on the area can prolong orgasm and increase excitement.


It has been widely demonstrated that direct stimulation of the prostate produces great pleasure and enhances male orgasms, both in intensity and duration. A man’s orgasm can significantly increase in intensity if the prostate is stimulated directly while it is being produced, although many men are reluctant to be approached “through the back door”: prostate stimulation should be done from the rectum, about 5-8 centimeters from the anus. With a prostate massage we can get to very pleasantly stimulate this area and reach orgasm or ejaculation.

Secondary erogenous zones

There are several zones in a man’s body that can induce not orgasm itself but excitement. Most of them can be stimulated during foreplay. The most notable are:

  1. Neck
  2. Pectorals and nipples
  3. Lips
  4. Back
  5. Belly and abdominal area

Man’s most stimulating erogenous zone: sight and touch

Although there are several zones in a man’s body that are considered erogenous, men are very stimulating with everything they can see and touch. Sight, touch and even smell are the senses that best trigger the desire of the male sex. Letting a man caress the body of his partner and that he/she is open to direct physical contact is the best way to get the sexual desire arises in him. That’s why an erotic massage is really stimulating for a man.

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