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Erogenous zones of the body with greater sensitivity

The human body is endowed with hundreds of thousands of nerve receptors at virtually every point that it signals in the body. In addition to this there are specialised nerve receptors for different types of stimuli, the most numerous classification being that which divides them into 5 types.

Types of nerve receptors

  • Mechanical receivers, which are activated by a deformation of the area around the receiver
  • Thermoreceptors, which measure the temperature changes around you
  • Nocioceptors, which are activated when there is damage to any tissue adjacent to the receiver
  • Photoreceptors, which are activated by receiving photons of visible light (found mainly in the eyes)
  • Chemoreceptors, which are activated by the presence of certain chemical substances and organic compounds (mainly found in the mouth and nose)

All these receptors are usually combined (in the skin we have a combination of mechanoreceptors, thermoreceptors and nocioceptors) although it is also common for certain types to accumulate in certain areas.

Different sensations depending on the receiver

The brain uses the information provided by all these receptors to create a mental image of the sensory world around it and thus understand the environment. But what happens if we stimulate only one area of the body where we have a particular type of receptor or if we intelligently and subtly combine the stimulation of several receptors at once? And in which areas of the body are these receptors most present? Let us review the most receptive areas of the body in both men’s and women’s bodies.

women's erogenous zones

Erogenous zones in the human body

Focusing simply on the erotic plane, the areas of the male body that are most sensitive are

  1. The penis. It is the quintessential erogenous zone in the male body. It is in the glans, the inner part of the foreskin and the frenulum (which precisely joins the two) where the most nerve endings are concentrated.
  2. The scrotum. The scrotum does not have a concentration of receptors dedicated to feeling, but it can be very erogenous because it is close to the penis.
  3. The perianal area. The area between the year and the testicles is very receptive to caresses and massages.
  4. The prostate. The prostate itself does not have many nerve endings but stimulation of it produces great pleasure and amplifies the orgasms.

We leave you with more information about man’s erogenous zones so that you can enjoy them more.

Erogenous zones in the woman’s body

The most famous erogenous areas of the woman’s body are around the vulva, buttocks and breasts, although depending on the time and level of excitement each area will be more or less erogenous. In general the female hot spots are:

  1. The vulva
  2. Breasts
  3. The buttocks
  4. The inner thighs
  5. The Neck

Remember that in the case of the woman the most erogenous organ of all is the brain, we leave you more information about the erogenous zones of the woman so that you can have more knowledge.

Explore the various areas to see how they stimulate the person and discover more forms of pleasure such as the erotic massages we offer at Santai.

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