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Edging: the technique for great orgasms

benefits of orgasm

Controlling orgasm is possible. It is called edging, and it is the practice of controlled orgasm, to delay it and prolong pleasure and play, either as a couple or individually. What does it consist of, and what are the benefits?

What is edging?

The word “edging” comes from the English word edge, which means “limit”, or “border”; the synonyms of edging are: prolonged orgasm and controlled orgasm. As we have already seen, the word “edging” refers to the control of orgasm.

It involves sexual stimulation, for a prolonged period, and stopping just before the point of orgasm, in order to delay it as much as possible. Orgasm control can be applied alone or with a partner, in masturbation, during intercourse, or with any other method of sexual stimulation, such as erotic massage.

Edging: Why practice it?

Edging offers the possibility of exploring and increasing pleasure, prolonging the duration of sexual arousal that precedes orgasm, and reaching a climax when deemed appropriate during intercourse. In other words, edging is a way to maintain a high-level of tension produced and accumulated as a result of sexual stimulation.

Edging can be practiced for several reasons:

  • To make sexual intercourse last longer;
  • To prolong the sensation of pleasure associated with sexual stimulation;
  • To improve male and female orgasm to make it more intense.

Benefits of edging

Edging has certain benefits, that’s for sure: foremost, it allows us to get to know our body better and the sexual sensations we experience as arousal increases. In particular, edging allows us to become familiar with the kind of pleasure we feel when we are close to the “point of no return”, helping us recognize it more clearly. For men, therefore, it is a great help in increasing their control over ejaculation and, consequently, its duration.

Therefore, it is not surprising that, in the sexological treatment of premature ejaculation, a specific form of edging is also prescribed. The practice of edging is also very much appreciated by couples who are a bit tired and bored with sexual intercourse, who can thus start playing again.

And what is an orgasm like? Although there are no specific studies on the subject, according to some, edging allows for more intense orgasms: postponing gratification causes arousal to build up, which makes the orgasm much more powerful, when and if you decide to indulge.

How long should it last?

Prolong pleasure and postpone orgasm, but for how long? Is there a parameter? There is no set duration, whether you use the edging technique on your own during the masturbation or sex with your partner. It is always about doing what gives us pleasure and what we feel like doing. No rule indicates when it is right to reach the orgasm.

If you decide to try the edging technique to achieve a specific goal other than mere pleasure (for example, greater control over orgasm or greater awareness of your sexual sensations), it is useful to do it with some frequency and to monitor the number and duration of repetitions, to increase them with time and practice.

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