When giving an erotic massage we must guide it in a different way if the person who is going to receive it is a man or a woman. In SantaiMasajes we have very clear that erotic massages must be practiced in a totally different way depending on the sex of the person. In addition each person also has their own personal tastes regarding their body and their sexuality, so the first thing we must do is listen to the requests or tastes of who is going to receive the massage. In previous articles we reviewed the erogenous zones of the man and the erogenous zones of the woman. These two articles can help us know how to correctly orient a massage depending on whether it is a man or a woman who receives it.

Erotic massages to a guy

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When we give an erotic massage to a male, we must bear in mind that, unless we are told otherwise, the man is always more in favour of direct contact, body to body contact and being stimulated by sight and touch. Besides, a man will always be more easily aroused than a girl.

Where to start the erotic massage to a guy

We should start with the secondary erogenous zones mentioned in the previous article, that is to say, the areas of the body that although they do not provoke orgasm, do promote the sensations of pleasure and excitement. The libido of guys is usually triggered if we massage the pectorals, back, belly and abdominal area and to finish the area of the neck and lips. When we want to move to a more direct massage we will go to the perianal area, the scrotum, and the penis. Remember also that men get excited seeing and touching, so during the whole massage they will enjoy much more if they are allowed to caress and see the body of the other person (either boy or girl).

Erotic massages to a woman

chica sexy masaje

As we saw before women are much less impulsive than men and to get excited they need more than just seeing and touching. In general we should be more subtle and sinuous, at least at the beginning of the massage, so that way the woman gets excited.

Where to start the erotic massage to a woman

Women usually move a lot more through the mind. If you can stimulate a woman’s mind the doors will surely open for you to be able to stimulate her body, but not the other way around. A woman, as we saw in the previous article, is excited by the caresses on the lips, neck, breasts, breasts and inner thighs. Starting slowly and giving importance to the touch and less to the sight is key to provoke excitement in a woman. When we feel that she is excited, we can move on to the primary erogenous zones, such as the vulva and the nipples, although without going directly to these areas but by using sinuous approximations.