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Differences between polyamory and open relationships

In our experience with open relationships and non-monogamy we receive many questions regarding lifestyles that go beyond monogamy, especially related to this type of massage for your partner or in a couple. That is why in this post we are going to define the different types of non-monogamous relationships that exist and the differences between them.

Therefore, it is very normal that some people who come to our center are to enjoy adult leisure as a couple. One of the most common erotic massages in Santai is the erotic massage for couples, where both members enjoy an erotic massage practiced by one of our professional erotic masseuses. It is also common that one of the members of the couple gives the other one a session of erotic massage alone.

Therefore, we tell you about the different types of non-monogamous relationships that exist and their differences.

The different types of non-monogamous relationships

Polyamory, swingers, open relationship… What are the different non-monogamous relationships that exist?


In its clearest definition, polyamory refers to the fact of maintaining a loving and sexual relationship with several people at the same time, where each person consents to the relationship and is aware of it. Polyamorous relationships define themselves by being honest and transparent towards all members of the relationship involved.

open relationships

Most polyamorous relationships are closed, which means that members are not always actively coming and going in the relationship, nor are they always looking for new members or people who want to be part of the relationship. Polyamory is distinguished from other forms of ethical non-monogamy in that polyamorous people are attracted to relationships and people with whom they are emotionally involved (i.e., in love).

Swingers relationship

Swinger relationships are a way to enjoy sex socially. Singles and couples who like this type of relationships, called swingers, participate in different types of sexual exchange, either by exchanging partners or by practicing group sex but without exchanging. The degree of intimacy and the type of sexual exchange can be different with each encounter and is determined by clear limits previously agreed upon with all parties.

Swinging can be a very good way to increase sexual energy and connection in any relationship. As with any form of ethical non-monogamy, open and honest prior communication is essential so as not to hurt the feelings of either partner. Practitioners of the swinger culture may or may not have a romantic relationship (they may be couples who have been together for years or also two friends who have an unattached sexual relationship).

Open relationship

In open relationships, one or both partners are allowed to have intimate relations outside the couple, without the other partner being present and without this being considered an infidelity. Open relationships are usually common among young people, although it is also common among the LGBT community, usually more open in terms of sexuality.

Once the differences have been explained, the important thing is that each one carries out their relationship in the way that seems best to them.

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