We call it the king of massages, the best of the best, because you have 90 minutes of ecstasy and maximum commitment from the masseuse. You will have enough time for everything that a good session requires.

1, 2, 3… Cover your eyes with the mask and get comfortable, the show has just begun. You will hear distant heels on the way to your room, your masseuse dressed in a spectacular lingerie is hidden behind a mask. Whispers, feathers, her hands unbuttoning every part of your body to the beat of a slow dance and a few strokes of chocolate on your body will make you ready for the tasting that you’re about to experience.

You will start with an erotic shower with an incredible added touch of foam where the sense of touch and smell will make each part of both bodies enjoy this first phase of relaxation.

Later, a pleasant, intense and creative massage will make you experience different techniques – a combo of the best massages of Santai rolled into one. The enjoyment of two bodies doing friction and movement to reach the second desired orgasm highlighted by passion.

In the Supreme everything is elevated to the maximum. From exclusive oils that you can also mix with essences, fine lingerie at the beginning coupled with dancing, total interaction with the masseuse, and a mix of tantric postures that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Live a unique experience in every way.


Inspired by a chill-out atmosphere, our facilities are elegant, discreet, with maximum hygiene, an indoor shower in each cabin, huge mirrors to observe the sensual movements that the masseuse performs on your body during the massage. A supreme spectacle as its name suggests.


In our centre it is possible to visit us without prior appointment, although due to the high daily demand of reservations we do not advise this: however, you can come and meet us in person without any commitment or to schedule your massage. If you have any questions or wish to make a reservation you can contact us through our contact form, via email at santaimasaje@hotmail.es, WhatsApp or by calling +34 934 143 532 / +34 660 744 020. We will be delighted to hear from you.
Enjoy an unknown sensory world! Don’t miss it for the world!