Deluxe Supreme Divan Massage

Why choose the Deluxe Supreme Divan Massage? We call it the king of massages, the best of the best, pure ecstasy and maximum commitment from the masseuse. You will have enough time for everything that a good session requires.

What is the Deluxe Supreme Divan Erotic Massage?

1, 2, 3… Cover your eyes with the mask and get comfortable, the show has just begun. You will hear distant heels on the way to your room, your erotic masseuse dressed in a spectacular lingerie is hidden behind a mask. Whispers, feathers, her hands unbuttoning every part of your body to the beat of a slow dance and a few strokes of chocolate on your body will make you ready for the tasting that you’re about to experience.

You will start with an erotic shower with an incredible added touch of foam where the sense of touch and smell will make each part of both bodies enjoy this first phase of relaxation.

Later, a pleasant, intense and creative massage will make you experience different techniques – a combo of the best massages of Santai rolled into one. The enjoyment of two bodies doing friction and movement to reach the second desired orgasm highlighted by passion.

In the Supreme Divan everything is elevated to the maximum. From exclusive oils that you can also mix with essences, fine lingerie at the beginning coupled with dancing, total interaction with the masseuse, and a mix of tantric postures that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Live a unique experience in every way.

What are the advantages of this massage?

Our atmosphere of relaxation and Zen orientation will make you comfortable at all times, and our masseuses will make your experience an unforgettable one. Not only because of their spectacular bodies, but because they will guide you at all times to make your experience unforgettable.

What is the difference between the erotic massage divan and Santai?

After the shower, you will lie down on the couch where the masseuse will begin to perform a complete massage, based on a body-to-body but much more intense than the Deluxe Supreme massage, including tremendous friction.

The Divan massage is one of the best on offer since it contains a great diversity of tantric postures. And thanks to the strategically placed horizontal low mirrors, you won’t miss any of these postures from various angles on the couch.

We remind you that although we do not perform oral sex or penetration, the interaction with the body of your masseuse will be possible at all times during the massage, in which our professional uses hot oils so that your final relaxation is incredibly pleasant; you will also be able to hug and feel the body heat of your favourite masseuse.

Why choose the erotic massage divan?

This massage stands out in our centre because it offers a much higher degree than the other massages at erotic shower level, as it combines both parts in a stimulating way. We respect all hygiene measures and current needs, trying to make the client enjoy the experience as much as possible without having to worry about anything else.

Do you want to enjoy a Deluxe Supreme Divan Massage? Discover our sensual masseuses who perform this type of massage.


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