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Cristina erotic masseuse Barcelona

Nationality: Catalan
Age: 32
Height: 1,85
Hair: Chestnut
Eyes: Brown

How is Cristina?

Cristina is an experienced and authentic Catalan masseuse ready to fulfill all your expectations in your erotic massage session, as her absolute involvement and interaction will take you to the most extreme pleasure.

Cristina has a very sensual body, impossible to stop admiring and caressing. Which will pass over you including her impressive breasts above you, so you can feel every pore of her skin on top of yours impregnated with hot oil.

She is complacent and devoted, she loves to feel how you enjoy the massages she gives you and of course you can also give her. So between the two of you you can give each other that mutual pleasure and that benefit that there is in tantric massages.

Cristina has the experience that every man needs, she knows how to treat and seduce a gentleman who wants to feel that he is in a sensational and pleasurable experience.

Massages performed:

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