In this week’s article we want to talk about the closure of one of the most famous erotic massage centers in Barcelona: Felina Massage. Felina Massage has been for many years one of the most important erotic massage centres in Barcelona together with Santai Masajes. Since a few weeks ago it has stopped offering erotic massage services and has closed its doors. Felina Massage has become part of Felina Bcn, a hostelling service centre for sexual services, abandoning classical erotic massage services.

Remember that Santai Masajes does not offer sexual services.

With the closure of Felina Massage many masseuses with a lot of experience in erotic massage, tantric, nuru and a long etcetera have been left without a center to offer their massages. Some of the best masseuses of Felina Massage have therefore started to collaborate with Santai, below we describe two of them. If you knew these two masseuses from your visits to Felina Massage, from now on you will be able to find them exclusively between our masseurs from Santai Masajes.

Masseuses de Felina Massage

Two of Felina Massages’ most exclusive masseurs are already working in Santai. Would you like to meet them?

Erotic Masseuse Naomi

naomi foto frontal masajista erotica


Naomi has several years of experience in the world of erotic massage . She is undoubtedly a master of erotic massage that dazzles any client thanks to her beauty, her extraordinary mastery in the art of erotic massage and a totally natural and very well cared body so that any client can enjoy throughout the massage. Naomi is a devotee of fitness and the gym, which makes her legs to be well worked and have sinuous curves. Her natural breasts make any client feel with Naomi as if he/she was with an unreachable girl. Naomi surrenders at the feet of each client to make them feel like an authentic VIP’s. If you also choose one of our luxury suites the fusion and experience will be total. Enjoy a girl of perfect measures and experience in the world of erotic massages in the best erotic massage center in the city of Barcelona.

Quick facts of our masseuse Naomi

Origin: Catalunya
Age: 23 years old
Height: 1.71 m
Hair: Brown/Brunette
Eyes: Green

You can check here the page of our erotic masseuse Naomi

Erotic Masseuse Alma

alma erótica de pie

Alma is a young erotic masseuse who has been perfecting her erotic massage technique and tantric massage for several years. Alma is currently available in Santai so that any client can enjoy her experience and her curves. Alma stands out especially for liking the mutual interaction between her and the person receiving the massage, so if you are looking for a communicating masseuse who is close to you and at the same time is an expert using her body and hands you have your ideal masseuse in Alma.

We can highlight Alma’s personality, open, extrovert, charismatic and smiling. Her playfulness, elegance and sensuality will make you enjoy an erotic massage without equal.

Quick facts of our masseuse Alma

• Origin:Venezuela
• Age:
23 years old
• Height:
1.63 m
• Hair:
• Eyes:

You can check here the page of our erotic masseuse Alma