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Choreorgasm: What it is and how to have one

The world of sensuality and eroticism is vast and mysterious. Each individual has his or her unique way of experiencing pleasure. However, some phenomena, though little known, are common and surprising. One of these phenomena is the choreorgasm. But what exactly is it and how can it be achieved? Join us on this journey of discovery.

What is a choreorgasm?

Choreorgasm, also known as “exercise orgasm“, is a type of sexual pleasure that some people experience during or just after exercise. Although it may sound surprising, the phenomenon has been supported by research.

This type of orgasm usually occurs during exercises that involve the abdominal core or pelvic region. Examples include sit-ups, weight lifting, yoga, pilates, etc.

Why does it happen?

Science is still discovering the ins and outs of choreorgasm. Some studies suggest that during exercises involving the abdominal core, pressure or stimulation occurs in erotic areas, such as the clitoris or vagina in women, or the prostate in men.

In addition, exercise releases endorphins, the “happy hormones”, which can intensify pleasurable sensations and facilitate the experience of a choreorgasm.

How to have a chorgasm?

  1. Find the right exercise: not all exercises produce choreorgasms. Experiment with different activities that work your core, such as crunches, pilates or yoga.
  2. Focus on breathing: breathe deeply and rhythmically. Adequate oxygenation can help you connect with your sensations.
  3. Develop body awareness: be aware of each movement, feel how each muscle contracts and relaxes. This mind-body connection can intensify sensations.
  4. Explore with a professional: if you are interested in enhancing your sensual experience, consider visiting a specialized center such as Santai Masajes, where experts in erotic massage in Barcelona can help you discover and deepen these sensations.

Santai Massage, accompanies you on your journey of discovery.

Choreorgasm is one more manifestation of the wonderful diversity of the human experience of pleasure. Although not everyone will experience it, it is worth trying and understanding. The mind-body connection is powerful and can lead to surprising discoveries about your own pleasure.

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If you are looking to further explore the world of sensuality and eroticism, don’t hesitate to contact Santai Massages in Barcelona. We are here to guide you on this journey.

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