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What is body-to-body massage?

Massage has always been considered as the way to achieve wellness, it is a tradition that comes from the most ancient times and even nowadays, if we have pain in any area of the body, we usually massage it to alleviate the discomfort.

In the East there is an entire culture dedicated to massage and it is from there that the most widely used and best known massages come from. It is not surprising that it is so fashionable, as it quickly relieves daily stress due to work, as well as stress caused by family life and everyday life.

One of the first beneficial effects of massage is certainly psychological. Because it enhances the perception of one’s own body, stimulating the blood circulation, as well as the dilation of the vessels, the release of heat and also of energy.

In addition, our body releases endorphins, restoring the body’s balance and blocking all degenerative processes. For this reason, in order to give and receive a correct massage it is advisable to be in a calm and warm environment.

Ayurvedic massage

One of the best body-to-body massages is the Ayurvedic massage, which is part of the oldest medicine, and was born in India more than 3,000 years ago. This Ayurvedic massage is used to drain and tone the muscles and to harness the energies that are blocked in our body.

Two people are needed to perform this type of massage because each part of the body must be massaged for a long time with particular oils that are used to improve the skin tone. This is a type of massage that is recommended to counteract psychophysical fatigue, as it makes the muscles more agile. 

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Lymphatic drainage

Another type of body-to-body massage, devised by the Danish doctor Emil Vodder, promotes lymphatic circulation, which is also essential for the health of the immune system and the expulsion of organic waste.

It is recommended for a stagnation of the lymphatic circulation, in fact, unsightly cushions and swellings are formed, making it an ideal massage to combat cellulite, as it improves microcirculation with a regenerative effect.

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Bioenergetic massage

This is a massage designed by the psychotherapist Lowen, it serves to restore balance by identifying which parts of the body are tense. The massages should take into account the 5 character structures: schizoid, oral, masochistic, narcissistic and rigid.

The massage should be synchronized with the breathing, it is a massage that makes the person more flexible, acting as a character and psychological regenerator.

Shiatsu massage

Last but not least, shiatsu massage has Japanese origins and uses pressure and touch on all parts of the body to stimulate the flow of energy. It too, like Ayurvedic massage, is inspired by a philosophy of life.

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