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Barcelona, tourist destination for erotic massages

Barcelona and the fashion of tantra massages Today we are going to talk about Barcelona and the fashion of tantra massages. A tourist enclave not only for being bathed by the Mediterranean, for the works of Gaudí, or for its innumerable international fairs, but also for being the nerve centre of tantra massage centres in Spain. For a while now erotic massages have reached their peak, because of the crazy life and stress that we carry with us every day or that people, as such, [...]

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Erotic foot massage

Erotic massage with feet in Santai Masajes Barcelona The erotic massage with the feet, or traditionally known as CAI BEI has different styles with which to perform them, which owe their origin mainly to ancient Asia. The most common is that there is the presence of the Tatami or any type of carpet, but sometimes support bars will be required to maintain balance. The technique of this massage with fundamentals in traditional Chinese medicine goes beyond the simple pressure of the feet exerted on the [...]

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Promotion Double Couples

Double Couples! You can enjoy a 50% discount on your massage if you can get a partner of yours to accompany you. * It’s not necessary to be the same type of massage, it can be in the same suite or separate suites, as more comfortable you feel.

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Parts of the body where to give an erotic massage

Body parts where to give an erotic massage in Santai Masajes Have you ever considered which are the most erogenous parts or the parts of the body where you give an erotic massage and surprise or surprise you pleasantly? Today we will talk about them: 1- THE BACK Basically in this area we will massaging it so that the tensions of the muscles disappear by sliding the hands from the end of the neck to the beginning of the buttocks, caressing and also pressing. One [...]

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Glossary of erotic massage

EROTIC VOCABULARY A set of sounds, which form words that in turn are transformed into terms with proper meaning. If we are really talking about erotic vocabulary, according to Wikipedia, this concept has a name: Erotic Literature, or more specifically, of a whole literary genre; where the texts are indirectly or directly related to eroticism (topic that concerns us today). Eroticism is a very important part of this vocabulary, drinking mainly from its source par excellence, love, within the pleasures of the flesh, but in [...]

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