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How to decorate a massage room?

If you are a professional masseur owning a massage center or with the intention of receiving clients at home; or simply you would like to offer massages to your partner or friends in a relaxed atmosphere, decorating correctly the room where you are going to work is very important. A massage room should be a quiet space free of noise and distractions that can promote tranquility. Choose the most quiet room Choosing the quietest room is the first step for the decoration to achieve the [...]

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How to massage the clitoris

The clitoris: women's pleasure The clitoris is the most sensitive organ in a woman's body and currently its only known function is to provide sexual pleasure. Although it may seem that it is only the small nervous protuberance visible under its cap in the upper part of the vulva - the glans - its structure actually extends inside the body and the reproductive organs of the woman, surrounding the labia majora of the vulva, the perineum and the lower part of the vagina. As we [...]

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What is a Tantric Massage

Tantric massage: body and spirit The confusion between erotic massages and tantric massages is very common. The lack of knowledge about everything related to sex is mainly due to the fact that the sexual education we receive from a very young age is very precarious and oriented in most cases only to inform about contraceptive methods and sexually transmitted diseases. The individual is not given the opportunity to discover his/her body and is not educated so communication -and something very important of human sexuality such [...]

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Tips for an erotic massage

Giving and receiving an erotic massage is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience, since both people feel both emotionally and sensitively fuller and fuller. On the other hand, this type of erotic massages, will help to eliminate stress and tension, caresses and touch in erotic massages become indispensable. Erotic massages open the way to new sensations, generally deeper and more interesting. If you decide to give an erotic massage, both you and the massaged person will feel pleasure in a much more amplified and prolonged way. How [...]

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Importance of music and atmosphere in massages

MUSIC It has always been said since time immemorial that "music tames wild beasts", and it’s true; since man is man through it, this effect has been achieved in all ages; from the most remote Egyptian dynasty to the crazy 20s going through the "dark" middle ages and ending this journey in the current century. The individual as such has been able to express his moods through his intervention. In the same way, this happens in the topic that concerns us today; for this reason, [...]

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