Tantra: an ancient Hindu ritual

Tantra is possibly one of the oldest and most disused branches of Indian spiritual rituals, despite the large number of texts written about this practice. This ancient Hindu practice dates back to the 5th century BC and emerged as a form of meditation aimed at maintaining a calm sense of mind and sensuality as a way of reaching new spiritual levels. […]

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Different types of massage oils

At the time of doing an erotic massage there are different options of oil that we can use to make our hands slide with the necessary delicacy to make the receiver enjoy the massage. If you thought that all massage oils were the same in this post we will show you that there is quite a variety of them. Here we go. […]

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How to do a Nuru massage correctly

A sensual massage can be a wonderful way to connect with your partner. As the lights dim, some candles are lit and you begin to explore the delicate sensation of touch… you enjoy a moment of relaxation and physical and mental reconnection. Nothing like feeling your partner’s fingers slide along your body and at those most sensitive points. But what if it’s not just the fingers but the whole body? […]

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Erotic foot massages

The foot is one of the most sensitive and with more nerve endings of the body. In fact, it is one of the areas where it is easiest to find tickling in almost anyone. But why are feet so sensitive? How is it possible that something that supports so much weight and impacts throughout the day can be so perceptive? Feet: designed to feel Nature is wise and patient and if it makes any change or improvement in any animal (including us humans) it is [...]

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5 types of erotic massages to improve your relationship

Erotic massages between the members of the couple are a very pleasant, interesting and intimate way to create emotional bonds and strengthen the relationship. […]

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