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Pride 2019: gay & lesbian friendly massage

From 15 to 29 June 2019, Barcelona is once again hosting the LGTBI Pride Festival, the famous PRIDE. Although the activities as such begin on Saturday 15, the weekend that gathers more people and that will undoubtedly be busiest will be the 29th of June, with the big march that will begin on Saturday 29th of June at 17.00h in Av Paral-lel and will end with a closing party and reading of manifesto in Avenida Reina Maria Cristina, in Plaza Espanya. 2019: 50 years for [...]

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Erotic (or not) massages against breast cancer

Can massages detect breast cancer in its early stages and make treatment more effective? Yes. Are massages beneficial for a woman diagnosed with breast cancer? Also. In this article we are going to explain why a simple erotic massage can help the early detection of breast cancer (and therefore make the treatment much more effective) and how a massage can also help to relieve inflammation and drain areas of the body in women affected by breast cancer. However, first of all we must clarify: massages [...]

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Erotic massages to excite your partner

As we have seen in previous posts the concept of "erotic massage" can sometimes be confusing, labeling as erotic massage everything that involves massaging the genital area of the person. However, in some cases this is quite far from reality. For example, in the case of tantric massages what is sought is not excitement but the ability to enter into another state of consciousness and relationship with our body; and in the case of prostate massages, although the objective is the orgasm, it is sought [...]

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Importance of lighting for an erotic massage

In previous articles we reviewed the importance of smell, what relationship it has with different moods and how certain aromas can help us achieve a state of relaxation that makes us enjoy even more of a good erotic massage. In this article we will review the sense of sight and what role lighting plays in your mood. The temperature of light Perhaps you have never heard this expression, but the color or temperature of the light is very important for the relaxation or activation of [...]

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Importance of smell in relaxation

The olfactory sensations refer to all those sensations captured directly through the nose, which is also directly connected with our sense of taste. The importance of smell is such that we even use expressions and phrases that show metaphorically the transcendence of smells to transmit sensations: In this whole thing there is something that smells bad I can smell your fear of this situation You can smell the problems miles away This is as nice as the smell of coffee in the morning Smells have [...]

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