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Tantric massage as a Christmas gift

Although it is not usually one of the most common gifts during Christmas, giving an erotic massage or tantric massage to your partner or your closest friend is a very original idea and certainly does not leave anyone indifferent. Although these types of gifts are more common on other dates such as Valentine's Day, for wedding anniversaries or couples' anniversaries, giving a tantric massage for Christmas is undoubtedly a very good idea for those people who have a more open mind regarding their body and their own sexuality.

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Differences between Tantric and Erotic Massage

If you’re visiting our blog it’s because you’ve probably heard a lot or are interested in erotic massage or tantric massage. If you are new to the subject let us tell you that the line that differentiates one from the other is quite thin, especially in the case of modern tantric massage, although there are clear differences between the two. […]

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What are the benefits of an Erotic Massage?

An erotic massage is considered by many of its practitioners to be an art form that blends sensuality, wellness, and also a type of physical therapy that involves two or more naked bodies working together to achieve or enhance the sexual arousal of one or both. However, an erotic massage goes beyond the sexual. It is also used as a therapy to stimulate libido, improve one’s self-image and learn to relax so that one can enjoy sexuality without fear. Erotic massages are used all over the world and in different cultures to improve sexual relations and personal well-being. […]

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What is a Prostate Massage like?

For many years (and even centuries), asses have always been in fashion. A target of the glances of both sexes, for some years now the asses have taken on even more importance, partly thanks to some famous people who have made their asses an inseparable part of their public image (yes, we are thinking the same as you, in the well-known Kardashians, in Jennifer Lopez, in footballers like Hazard or Beckham …). […]

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Tantra: an ancient Hindu ritual

Tantra is possibly one of the oldest and most disused branches of Indian spiritual rituals, despite the large number of texts written about this practice. This ancient Hindu practice dates back to the 5th century BC and emerged as a form of meditation aimed at maintaining a calm sense of mind and sensuality as a way of reaching new spiritual levels. […]

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