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Closing of FelinaMassage and new masseuses in Santai

In this week's article we want to talk about the closure of one of the most famous erotic massage centers in Barcelona: Felina Massage. Felina Massage has been for many years one of the most important erotic massage centres in Barcelona together with Santai Masajes. Since a few weeks ago it has stopped offering erotic massage services and has closed its doors. Felina Massage has become part of Felina Bcn, a hostelling service centre for sexual services, abandoning classical erotic massage services. Remember that Santai [...]

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Differences in erotic massages between men and women

When giving an erotic massage we must guide it in a different way if the person who is going to receive it is a man or a woman. In SantaiMasajes we have very clear that erotic massages must be practiced in a totally different way depending on the sex of the person. In addition each person also has their own personal tastes regarding their body and their sexuality, so the first thing we must do is listen to the requests or tastes of who is [...]

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Tips for giving a good erotic massage

In previous articles we have learned the keys to giving an erotic massage in the most complete way, paying attention to aspects such as the importance of light for a massage, smell and relaxation, how to prepare a room to give an erotic massage and the erogenous zones of the body of the man and woman. In this week's article we are going to explain in full how to perform an erotic massage, from the beginning to the end of the process, summarizing the previous [...]

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Pride 2019: gay & lesbian friendly massage

From 15 to 29 June 2019, Barcelona is once again hosting the LGTBI Pride Festival, the famous PRIDE. Although the activities as such begin on Saturday 15, the weekend that gathers more people and that will undoubtedly be busiest will be the 29th of June, with the big march that will begin on Saturday 29th of June at 17.00h in Av Paral-lel and will end with a closing party and reading of manifesto in Avenida Reina Maria Cristina, in Plaza Espanya. 2019: 50 years for [...]

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Erotic (or not) massages against breast cancer

Can massages detect breast cancer in its early stages and make treatment more effective? Yes. Are massages beneficial for a woman diagnosed with breast cancer? Also. In this article we are going to explain why a simple erotic massage can help the early detection of breast cancer (and therefore make the treatment much more effective) and how a massage can also help to relieve inflammation and drain areas of the body in women affected by breast cancer. However, first of all we must clarify: massages [...]

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