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Better postures for good tantric sex

Learn the best postures for good tantric sex

Being able to discover a new world of pleasure through a session of tantric sex has its secrets, especially when talking about the most appropriate positions to achieve the so precious ecstasy, that of which Oriental philosophies speak so much.

Think that not any posture is the most suitable for tantric sex, nor do all sexual postures have a relationship with tantra.

Next, we will see which the best positions are to reach a higher state of consciousness and achieve a close union with your partner, improving your sexual pleasure unlimitedly.

What is tantric sex?

Before going to the subject of tantric positions, we will know very briefly what tantric sex is about.

Tantric sex has its origin in Eastern cultures and its objective is the union with itself and with the universe, through the channelling of sexual energy; for this he uses the enjoyment of each part of the body, listening carefully to the rhythm of the other, stopping at the preliminaries and containing as much as possible the arrival of the orgasm.

The secret of a good tantric sex is not to seek immediate satisfaction, but to focus on your partner’s body in order to prolong the desire of both and thus increase the mutual level of satisfaction. Remember that in the technique of tantric sex, one of the members of the couple must remain passive, while the other caresses his body, performing gentle and continuous erotic massage, without touching their genital areas explicitly.

If you have one of those wonderful tantra chairs at hand, it will help you enormously in the mission of finding the perfect position, but if you don’t have it, don’t worry, you will also be able to achieve the most recondite goals of Tantric sexuality by following these tips.

The best positions of tantric sex

It’s normal that the first time you practice tantric sex, doubts arise and the odd fear, and that this lack of experience makes your practice is not as beneficial as it should be. One of the ways to start with your partner in this type of sex, is to go to a session of tantric massage to put both in the hands of experts in erotic massage and tantric techniques.

With erotic masseuses, you will learn how to relax properly to obtain the desired pleasure, which you can then transmit to each other.When you have obtained enough information and feel prepared, it’s time to put into practice the following positions:


This is a position in which man and woman sit facing each other and intertwine their legs in such a way that she can take his feet and he his feet, starting a slow penetration. The posture is carried out without letting go, but keeping the bodies relaxed at all times.


Both have to be seated, face to face. She lifts one of her legs slowly and gently and holds it with one hand, while he initiates a gentle penetration.


This position is performed with the man sitting and legs crossed so that the woman can sit on him, surrounding the body with his legs. The man supports the hands on the shoulders of her and both begin to perform circular movements at the same time that the penetration of delicate form begins, and controlling each movement so that muscular tension doesn’t take place.


Both members of the couple sit and embrace each other by the neck. While they don’t stop looking each other in the eyes, they initiate the penetration slowly without ceasing to embrace at any time.


In this position, the man sits with his legs wide open and the woman stands over him. In this position the slow penetration begins and as it advances, the man moderately squeezes the thighs of the woman with his hands.


The man lifts the woman’s legs and places them on top of her arms. While with his hands he moves the woman’s body back and forth, he penetrates her.

One last important tip: don’t forget that one of the goals of tantric sex is relaxation, you must never force the positions and each one has to find the one that is most suitable and conducive to sexual enjoyment.

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