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Benefits of tantra for erectile dysfunction

Definition of erectile dysfunction

By definition, a sexual dysfunction is according to Wikipedia the repeated inability to achieve or maintain an erection firm enough to have a satisfactory sexual relationship.

It can also be several erections but of a brief nature. It’s what was formerly called impotence.

This term comes from Latin, from the primitive word impotens, which literally means “to not be able”.

Not only we say it, and therefore with this information we want to respond to a significant number of users who suffer from this problem and because of this they cannot have a satisfactory sex life because for them it’s a great impediment to interact and doesn’t allow them to live sex fully both as a couple and freely in a healthy and happy way.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

It has always been said that it occurs mostly during the mature age of the individual, but that is not always the cause, age.

Many more factors influence, such as alcoholism, smoking and diseases that affect several organs, such as the kidney or liver mainly and that are derived from these problems.

From the medical point of view, good health is a sign of a good sex life, which makes sexual intercourse always have a happy ending.

We must also consider, other controls such as blood sugar and cholesterol level; which cause the majority of conditions that deteriorate totally or partially, both the heart, veins and arteries indistinctly, or in other words, vascular and cardiac circulation.

And don’t forget the voltage tap, because if the subject is hypertensive, it could also develop the disease.

As a general rule, it begins to occur from 40 years old in 5% and up to 65 years, in a maximum of 25%; which is when the penis begins to deteriorate because of the low blood flow that causes it to remain erect; since any type of injury or illness, such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis, as well as those that influence the functioning of the prostate and the bladder (vascular) and that are very common ailments can cause it; without forgetting to mention the possible side effects that occur in many of the medicines, when wanting to mitigate said diseases.

And we cannot fail to mention the anti-depressants, anxiolytics, and the rest of the drugs that are protective of the stomach and that are given to fight ulcers.

Last but not least, it’s the day to day, that we live in a totally automatic and visceral way and that as a result of the haste, the evil of the 21st century, which is none other than the one that is well known to all of us, stress, and that derives in other causes such as depression that generates a certain fear of not measuring the height at the time of intercourse and that leads to low self-esteem, which suffers up to 20% of the male population that in the face of such disorders, they give a psychological response where self-blame and anxiety are the main protagonists.

Also, we must also have the opinion of our friends the hormones, because without them, nothing works well in our body, and of course, our penis suffers; whether we are missing (is the case of testosterone) or if we have too much…

These would be, broadly speaking, the most common causes that result in male sexual dysfunction of both mild and acute nature and, as a result, premature ejaculation.

A symptomatic feature is when the subject cannot maintain a firm ejaculation upon awakening, for a period of about 3 months, without there being another cause that generates stress or addiction to a drug.

All this must be considered so that the nerves and tissues, which are what make the male member of the size, are properly cared for properly so that this doesn’t occur before what is strictly necessary, i.e., by old age.

Of all the people who suffer from it, 18% consult with their family doctor and the rest, 33% if they consult it… it’s with their partner, who feels isolated and tends to negativise this situation.

This data are just a simple statistic to be able to assess the volume of said problem.

Finally, something we have to consider is that the age of sex doesn’t expire, and that if this happens in people who are usually of age, it’s due to the medicines they take to fight the diseases mentioned above.

How can this dysfunction be treated?

Since the beginning of time, there have always been great natural remedies, based on tradition and history.

Although consulted many means and after talking with doctors, the best way to treat such dysfunction is making love often.

So come to this conclusion I will introduce the most effective solution that exists today and that is no other than performing a good tantra massage in Barcelona ​​and who better to offer it than our team of professional erotic masseurs and you can find in our erotic massage centre Santai carried out through this ancestral philosophy based on sex, tantra.

Use tantra to prevent erectile dysfunction

Once both concepts have been studied, we can say without fear of being wrong that the miracle exists against male sexual dysfunction.

Relax and enjoy, it’s not impossible, it can be cured.

You don’t need super-expensive medications, only your willingness to put yourself in our expert hands; with our erotic massages Barcelona and your good will we have enough to start.

Try this millenary technique in our facilities, and if you cannot come, we will take you home with a rewarding relaxing massage at home or at the hotel where you are staying, or where your wishes take you.

Come and visit us, we are tantra erotic masseuses in Barcelona and nowhere will you find yourself as you will with us, experience all the benefits of genital stimulation performed by our expert hands.

Nothing better to rediscover yourself and discover erogenous zones that you did not even know existed. Not only will it be beneficial for you but for the relationship with your partner and to solve 2 problems in 1. We await your visit.

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