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Benefits of prostate massage

The prostate is part of the male reproductive system. It’s a gland that is attached to the urethra and bladder. Its function is to secrete a substance that stimulates the movement of sperm. The benefits of prostate massage are linked to a lower chance of prostate cancer, as well as many other problems linked to it. That is why we offer our prostate massage in Barcelona with all the benefits it entails.

In the following article you will observe some of these benefits and how they could be greatly diminished of most of the problems that are associated with this gland, which were previously suffered only by older men, but now suffer every time more some young people and adults.

What is Prostate Massage?

Prostate massage involves stimulating said gland through the rectum to drain the prostate. It’s similar to the well-known prostate exam in which a specialised doctor performs a digital rectal exam in order to diagnose any problem in the prostate such as: prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate.

In prostate drainage the purpose is to express it and it’s performed most of the time for the treatment of diseases such as:

Benign hyperplasia

This disease consists in the abnormal growth of an organ mainly due to the increase in the number of cells that make it up.


It’s a urinary tract infection and according to experts it’s actually common in young people and adults of all ages.

The stimulation of said gland alone can produce orgasms and ejaculation. This procedure is used in hospitals to obtain a semen sample without the need for masturbation. In animals, it’s also used electrically or mechanically when trying to obtain the semen of a male to fecundate a female with artificial insemination.

How to make a prostate massage

In many stores of sexual objects also known as sex shop can get what they need to perform such massages for yourselves, in any other way it’s necessary for someone to do it for you.

woman about to give a prostatic massage

It’s a type of massage that is considered taboo even in the most modern societies so first that psychological barrier must be broken down. It has to be something desired by people and that must be done in full relationship. The prostate is very close to the entrance of the anus so it should be stimulated but it’s not necessary to insert the finger deeply.

Qualities of prostate massage

These massages have multiple health benefits, according to most experts among which the following stand out:

Improves the functioning of the prostate: Many men suffer from infection in the urinary tract also known as prostatitis. This can cause inflammation of the prostate which causes pain and discomfort when urinating. In the market there are not many medicines that help in the pain that this infection produces, so this massage is recommended for this treatment since it reduces this inflammation which in turn helps with the pain.

It helps in the prevention of disorders in the prostate: There are many disorders that can suffer from this gland, including cancer and BPH. Since these massages help in the drainage of fluids in a suitable way it helps in turn in the prevention of any disease and disorder related to this gland.

Prevents the feared prostate cancer: This disease which is one that men fear the most since it can spread to other parts of the body. Since with these massages the healthy and healthy prostate is kept, the risk of suffering this terrible form of cancer is incredibly reduced.

Precautions when performing a prostate massage

In the case of prostatitis, it’s recommended that if it’s acute or if you are suffering from it at this time, don’t perform the erotic massage as you run the risk of spreading this infection throughout the body, which could be very dangerous.

It’s recommended that before going for a prostate massage, consult your doctor because, if you suffer from haemorrhoids, for example, the stimulation of the prostate could irritate the veins and cause bleeding.

In the same way, men with stones in said gland could damage it when performing this type of massage.

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