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Benefits of male masturbation

Nowadays, although the vast majority of men practice it, talking about masturbation is still a taboo subject; which causes that there is much speculation and ignorance about all the advantages that this act brings to the body of each one. You can experience a different way with an erotic massage. In the following article we will let you know about them.

What does male masturbation consist of?

Masturbation is the simple stimulation of the genital organ and, although some repressed people repudiate their practice or consider it as an act of infidelity, the reality is totally the opposite.

It has been proven that doing this practice at least 5 times a week ensures you to have an optimal mood, since those who do it are considered people with a less conservative lifestyle and enjoy the pleasure that you can give yourself.

boy happy to have masturbated

Masturbation doesn’t affect negatively in relationships, on the contrary, it promotes that the sexual act is even a better experience thanks to that it takes you to know your own body in a better way; besides that it keeps you mentally and physically focused on achieving orgasm.

The body is designed to receive orgasms with some frequency and masturbation is the best tool to satisfy it, and especially if you are single. Sex also has great benefits, but the fact of producing pleasure to yourself not only helps to drain energy, but also improves the ejaculation times, keep the internal channels healthy and lubricated and, by constantly practicing it, you will impress your partner last much longer during the sexual act.

Benefits of male masturbation

Prevents prostate cancer

Masturbation could reduce the possibility of prostate cancer by a significant percentage; this occurs because it promotes the expulsion of different agents that could be carcinogenic to your body, such as those toxins located in the urogenital tract that are removed with just the movement of the rub.

Combat premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is one of the most feared problems for men and it’s proven that masturbating about two hours before having sex promotes the delay of the climax.

If you concentrate on training the time it takes to ejaculate with masturbation, you can gradually increase it. It tries to measure how long the process lasts and next time it seeks to overcome that mark.

Improves the immune system

This benefit’s little known; however, you should know that during the act of masturbation a hormone called cortisol is released that is best known for having a negative effect on the body to be very related to the onset of stress. The truth is that in small portions this substance is capable of generating an ideal environment for the immune system to be strengthened.

Not only is cortisol also useful for decongesting the nose and helping to eliminate the symptoms of a common cold, but it’s also a great help in combating diabetes.

Decreases stress and depression

As in sex, endorphin levels soar during masturbation. Being able to be relaxed and release all that tension of the body through the pursuit of pleasure, allows you to live in a much fresher and without so many tensions.

It also allows to combat stress and depression with the help of oxytocin. which improves the internal sensations of both the body and the mind; this will only work when you do it without any kind of mental limitations or prejudices.

Among other benefits is the disappearance of insomnia, since at the end of the act you will be so relaxed that your body will be more prone to rest with a calm mind and without pressure.

Improves the creation of sperm

When you masturbate on a frequent basis, you expel from your body those sperm that were left halfway clogging the internal channels, so there are no obstacles to the passage of new ones that have a greater chance of fertilizing an egg if this is the case that you are trying to procreate.

In addition to these benefits, it’s also worth mentioning the way in which your pelvic area is toned in the long term when the act of pleasure itself is performed frequently.

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