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Benefits of female masturbation

Since time immemorial masturbation has not been an activity well seen by society, neither men nor women have been saved from being judged throughout history just to consent a bit their bodies. What you should know is that masturbation is something natural for human beings, and, in addition to being an inexhaustible source of pleasure, it also brings with it several benefits that you don’t have to miss.

Female masturbation and its taboo

If in our current society, in which men are given more freedom in certain things than women (especially in the sexual area), most don’t feel completely confident to admit that they masturbate, in women then it’s completely taboo.

Studies carried out in different universities show that the vast majority of women have masturbated at least once, but only 1 in 10 of them admit that they do it frequently. In fact, those that reveal that they carry out this practice are usually in a range of between 2 and 3 times a week, which is really little if we compare it with the studies done with men.

The reality is that experts in gynaecology and health professionals in general recommend masturbation for women because of the great benefits that this activity brings to different aspects of their lives.

So leave the prejudices aside, get comfortable and give your body the pleasures it deserves while enjoying the different benefits that we present below.

It frees you from stress

As much as yoga or a back erotic massage, masturbation is one of the best ways to de-stress after a hard day’s work; and this without counting on the plus that sexual pleasure gives you.

It will make you feel happy

Pleasure generates happiness, makes you feel good. With an orgasm you will make your brain release different substances that improve mood and function as the stimulant of nature such as dopamine and endorphins.

It fuels your self-confidence

If you know yourself and the functioning of your body, you won’t have insecurities when you reach the moment of sexual intercourse with another person. Also, simply by doing this practice you will be able to feel more comfortable in front of the absurd sexual prejudices of society.

It will improve your sleep hours

You’ll notice that, if you masturbate before bedtime, your rest will be more complete and efficient. This happens because the orgasms make all your tensions disappear leaving the body exhausted, which causes you to feel completely relaxed and ready for a deep sleep.

woman masturbating

It helps you maintain a healthy sex life

The more you masturbate, the better you will know your body. In this way, when the time comes, you can transmit to your partner what more pleasure generates you and also you will feel free to tell him where and how he should treat you and touch you.

It relieves the pain you can feel as a woman

During masturbation, the contraction movement of the uterus is generated, which, in theory, causes menstrual pains to not affect you so much in favouring the flow of the rule.

So far there are no studies that show that this happens in that way, however, there is no reason not to masturbate while you are menstruating. So, if you feel any relief in doing so, you don’t have to deprive yourself of it.

It will help you achieve better orgasms

When you understand your body, you will also know how to give yourself more pleasure; to the point of, if you allow it, to master multiple orgasms even during sexual intercourse.

This is also effective through erotic massages, which also seeks to offer a better way to reach orgasm. For this type of massage in particular for women, it would be a yoni massage, since it takes into account all the erotic points of the woman.

Sexual tension disappears

Very simple, if you have a lot of time depriving yourself of having sex with another person, or reasons alien to you don’t allow it, masturbation is the best tool you have to download all those natural desires that accumulate.

You have nothing to worry about

According to experts on the subject, masturbation has no disadvantage or bring negative effects to your body. So the alternative that you have is better instead of resorting to sexual relationships in an irresponsible way, which could bring you serious health problems.

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