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Benefits of Californian Massage

Many claims that Californian massage is highly relaxing, and it helps you by stimulating all your senses. If you have ever received an erotic massage, you have probably already enjoyed the benefits it brings both mentally and physically. Also, you may have tried one or several types of erotic massages, however, in this article we are going to tell you about something completely different and something far away from erotic massages: the Californian massage.

Never heard of this type of massage? Then let’s get to it.

What is Californian massage?

Californian massage is inspired by other massage techniques such as Swedish massage or descontracturant massage. However, the main difference of this style is that it contains philosophical and healing principles that other massage styles do not have, such as the Gestalt philosophy. The relaxation form of this style of massage allows the person to release tension and relax both body and mind.

man in a Californian massage

In Californian massage, the person can be nude or semi-nude; it all depends on your preference. This type of massage therapy is given through a series of small touches, joint movements and deep muscle massages that go from one end of the body to the other. Usually only one area of the body is massaged at a time.

The benefits of a Californian massage

This type of massage has become fashionable in recent decades, attracting numerous followers. Many people worldwide are turning to this technique to cure themselves of modern ailments such as stress or nerves. Those who practice this technique claim that it is a relaxing massage and a form of spiritual and physical healing.

Californian massage has a fundamental part that is philosophical, and it is based on principles and teachings that promote spiritual peace and physical well-being. For this reason, many people with past traumas turn to this type of massage for healing.

What are the physical and psychological benefits of Californian massage?

Let’s divide the benefits into two categories, physical and psychological services.

Physical benefits of Californian massage:

  1. Relaxes your brain
  2. Promotes healing of your body and mind
  3. Relaxes muscles and joints
  4. Reduces body fatigue
  5. Increases strength in your muscles
  6. Improves your circulation
  7. Improves muscle and hair
  8. Improves your cognitive system

Psychological and emotional benefits of the Californian massage

  1. Mental relaxation
  2. Produces a deep and quality sleep
  3. Dramatically reduces anxiety and stress
  4. Increases concentration
  5. Improved overall mood
  6. Increases your body awareness

As we have seen in this article, the Californian massage is far from the traditional erotic massage we are used to. Although it brings very pleasurable benefits similar to a nuru massage or the better known happy ending massage, since the Californian massage is a type of massage that connects both mind and body.

In this type of massage, the spiritual and philosophical part is much more critical than the corporal part. It is like a conjunction of both parts in which body and mind are united, freeing us from physical and mental illnesses.

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