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Benefits of a deep tissue massage

The deep tissue erotic massage is a series of manipulations that are performed on the muscle groups that are in a sustained contraction, and is caused involuntarily by fibres or muscle fascicles where anatomical lesions don’t exist.

Many times with the stress of day to day can go a little unnoticed, tensions are accumulated and reflected after a while, producing pain or discomfort to the body. To deal with these pulls are used such massages, which help to relax the muscles.

Decontracting massage

These massages tend to be a little stronger than those that specialise only in relaxing, however they are not more painful than they should be, only the natural since you are working on a body area that is tense.

Causes of muscle contracture

One of the most frequent causes of muscle contracture is due to the excessive use of a certain fibrillar package, without giving it time to have an adequate recovery.

This overuse can occur in any field, both in sports and work, or during any activity that occurs daily. Even efforts that are small in magnitude, but that are done too often may outweigh the muscles’ ability to adapt to forced labour.

Although really any muscle is susceptible to overload, those that tend to be more affected are the trapezius, the neck and paravertebral spine. Other common causes of muscle contracture are:

To last a long time in incorrect postures.

Suffer a traumatism or contusion.

Poor recovery between sessions that affect the same muscle.

Individual predisposition.

Decontracting massage and its main benefits

The deep tissue massages can be very beneficial for:

  1. Improve mobility and elasticity in muscles that are stressed.
  2. Decrease physical fatigue.
  3. Help prevent muscle diseases that are caused by poor body postures.
  4. Release endorphins that help the body to enter a state of wellbeing.
  5. Increase blood circulation greatly, therefore improves muscle oxygenation.
  6. To favour the nervous system a lot.
  7. Relieve migraines or simple headaches.
  8. Accelerate the evacuation process.
  9. Help maintain healthy skin, nourishing it and eliminating dead cells.
  10. In some cases it can release emotions, removing or decreasing sentimental stress.

 How are deep tissue massages performed?

When you want to perform a deep tissue massage it’s important that the environment in which the person is  completely relaxed, in a comfortable place, with a comfortable temperature, where the session doesn’t receive any interruption.

Equipment for massage

There are certain basic elements that are needed during a deep tissue massage session, regardless of whether it’s professional or not, which are:

A flat surface where the person who is going to perform the massage can lie down and be fully extended and comfortable.

It’s important to have enough space around the person, to be able to move easily without bothering who receives the massage.

You should have towels on hand to cover the most intimate parts of the body of the person lying down, because this must have bare areas where you need the massage, also to clean excess oil.

In view of the variety of oils that serve this purpose are many, you can choose the one you like the masseur or who will receive the massage.

When you are going to perform this type of massage, pressure should be concentrated on the larger muscle groups, to relieve stress levels, always taking care that the pressure is uniform so as not to cause damage to the areas where you work.

It’s also important that pressure is not applied directly on the spine, nor should the skin be pinched, only gentle circular movements.

Deep tissue massage in Barcelona

In Barcelona, ​​there are several places that perform deep tissue massages, where they have expert therapists and provide a great service, some of these places are:

  • Ambrosia Spa.
  • Sports massage centre Barcelona.
  • PAKUA life.
  • MyMassage.
  • Santai Masajes.

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